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Member since: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:04 AM
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He Can't Do the Job

Trump doesn't have a clue how to do the job of president, nor does he want one. The GOP has known all along and just never cared. This is what toxic levels of greed and avarice look like. It's all about personal enrichment, along with enrichment for cronies and donors, the consequences be damned, even if it takes down our democracy. They don't believe in democracy, anyway, and much prefer a corporate autocracy, and we're getting there, day-by-day.

A Comprehensive Russia Timeline

Steven Harper, a trial attorney, and professor at Northwestern University, has created a comprehensive timeline of the Russia scandal at BillMoyers.com. The detail and facts are astounding--and show the degree the Russians have penetrated the highest levels of our government for their own nefarious purposes. Anyone who remembers the Cold War understands the Russians are not our friends.

Remember When Hillary Caught So Much Flack for Calling Them Deplorable?

She has always been right -- ahead of everybody.

It's Time for Republicans to Denounce Trump

It isn't difficult to point out racism and bigotry or say it's a bad thing. It's time for Republican to show some actual courage and moral integrity, and publicly denounce Trump. Who could have ever imagined that WWII would be erased by a man so ignorant, he doesn't know the difference between George Washington and Robert E. Lee. He has spit on the graves of every brave man, woman and child who fought against slavery, fascism and the Nazis, and spit on the graves of the many millions the Nazis, fascists and white supremacists have murdered. Without denouncing Trump, Republicans are giving their tacit approval to his reprehensible actions and they have blood on their hands.

The GOP Has Gifted the U. S. With A Dysfunctional Loose Cannon - By Design

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