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Member since: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:04 AM
Number of posts: 10,502

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The NRA & the Politicians it Buys Off Have No Regard for Human Life Whatsoever

They have infected our nation with a deadly disease under the false guise of "liberty" that threatens us all.

Every Day Our Children & Their Teachers Face a Random Death Penalty Just for Going to School

How insane is that?

Congress (Thanks to Republicans) Has Prohibited Federal Research into the Effects of Gun Violence

Given the epidemic of mass shootings in our country, how irrational is that?

In Light of the Indictments, the Many Calls for Hillary to apologize For Losing Looks Very Different

Let's hope more of us can see this deep -seated misogyny for what it is. Otherwise, change won't happen.

The NRA Has Successfully Framed the Gun Debate as Either/Or With No Middle Ground

We need to reframe the debate as "and." We can keep Americans safe and a have Second Amendment. The NRA has created an all or nothing argument and every day Americans pay with their lives. We need to change the frame.

We Are Creating a Generation of Domestic Terrorism Victims

The escalating prevalence of domestic terrorism in our schools and churches and throughout our nation is creating an enormous population of survivors with PTSD. The long term ramifications are unimaginable, for all of us. The moral cowardice of our leaders is is more of a threat to our survival than any other terrorist group anywhere in the world.

A Belated Thank You for the Hearts

Really appreciate it!

Trump Speechwriter, David Sorensen, Resigns Amid Allegations of Domestic Violence

There's no shortage of women-haters and abusers in this administration. Thank you GOP!

Could Part of Trumps Bitter Criticism of the FBI Be Due Due To

so many of his appointees not qualifying for a security clearance--not just Rob Porter but also Jared Kushner?

Rob Porter and the Pathology With No Name

Rob Porter has exhibited the behavior of a very distinct and common pathology. Yet, here it is 2018, and the American Psychological Association and the American Medical Association have not deemed it significant enough to even bother to give it a name. Every day, Americans are beaten and even killed as a result of this pathology, yet we are so mired in tradition, no medical/psychological professional has valued the health, safety, and even life of countless Americans significant enough to have named it. Will we ever move out of the Dark Ages?
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