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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 9,276

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Which of these Senate seats do we win?

Here are my guesses of those that are currently contested (within 5-10 points):
Illinois. Win
Indiana. Win
Wisconsin. Win
Pennsylvania. Win
Colorado. Win
Nevada. Win
New Hampshire Lose
North Carolina Lose
Florida. Lose
Ohio. Lose
Iowa. Lose
Arizona. Lose

Anybody live in one of those states that disagrees with me?

Wonder if we will get any more state polling

Before Election Day?

If Pence steps down, what about a Trump/Bush ticket?

Trump and Billy Bush already have established a very good predatory relationship.

Best line on this came from my Republican brother.

Me: So, what did you think of the tape?
Brother: It sure takes away any promotion of Trump's stimulus package.

So, will it be a Bush that brings down Trump?!

Thank you, Billy, for being such a creep and playing along with Trump in the video.
Thank you, Access Hollywood for releasing this video.
Thank you, Donald, for being the best gift EVER to my Democratic Party.

Now, let's not let up, Dems.
Hillary needs to kick his vile rump Sunday night.
Then, the DNC and every state Dem party needs to hang Trump like an anchor to EVERY Republican running for any office across the country.
Make them either fully embrace or fully distance themselves from Trump.
Either way, they will lose support.

This is a Great Gift given to us only 30 days out!
Let's use it for all we can.
Take back the Senate and, now, maybe even the House?!
Take back some Governorships and State Houses.
Get to work, Dems.

What's the difference between a Trump rally and a porcupine?

At a Trump rally, all the pricks are on the inside.

HRC Staffers let Kaine down last night.

Jen Palmieri and Karen Finney had the primary responsibility of prepping Kaine.
Both are veterans with a lot of tv experience.
Finney even hosted an MSNBC show fir a while.
They should have known all about optics.
They should have talked about the intimate setting of a sit down debate.
There is NO way that Kaine should have interrupted like that.
Just let Pence drone on.
Instead, the media was given its narrative on a silver platter that Kaine was too pushy, not calm and poised like the former radio talk show Pence.

All that being said, Kaine did win on substance.
He effectively attacked Trump and defended Clinton.
Whereas, Pence didn't defend Trump, for reasons known only to him.

By Sunday's next Prez debate, this will be forgotten.
But, Kaine could have won on BOTH style AND substance if he had been prepped better.
Opportunity missed and I blame HRC's staff as much or more than I blame Kaine.

NBC survey monkey stays at Clinton +6


Please Cnn and MSNBC - no more Trump Surrogates

I can't do it anymore.
In this insane campaign of firsts, the level of stupidity, hypocrisy, inanity is just way too much.
Please don't subject us to any more Trump surrogates.
And, if that means no more Hillary surrogates for "balance", I'm fine with that.

It's just not right.
It's just not factual.
It's just not news to have these immoral people on television trying to defend the indefensible.

After this election is over and more and more comes out about the kind of person that Trump is, those that defended him will be shunned in most political and societal circles.

I say do it now.
You don't need these people to fill your 24 hour news cycles.
You have enough "consultants" and what the news biz calls "anchor buddies" on your paid staff to give your anchors people to bounce things off of.
But, no more Trump surrogates. Make a statement that they won't be used any longer.

I just don't have enough windex or bleach to keep cleaning the filth residue off of my tv screen.

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