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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 9,323

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Wearing BLUE the day I vote and on Nov.6. Blue 🌊!!!

Iím going to vote early next week with several others and we are all wearing blue when we go to vote.
Then in November, Iím going to walk through some different malls in my area wearing blue and a bumper sticker on my 👕 shirt that says Vote Blue. Iím hoping it puts out good vibrations and maybe reminds the casual/occasional voter type that they need to vote.

Want to join me in wearing blue in your area?

Most Old White GOP Men must be defeated - they will not change.

Iím tired of defending old white men like me.
Iím tired of listening to people who say we must reason with them.
Iím tired of hearing about compromise and bipartisanship with them.

Because they (on the whole/at least 70%) are racist and sexist, I truly believe.

Iíve spent a lifetime in southern cities and towns with them.
And while they can be (and often are) very polite and civil in public, that is not their true selves.
Being an old white man who always wears a ball cap (Go Braves!), I blend in with them.
I often go to where they hold their coffee clutches (mornings at McDonalds) and eavesdrop on them.
I have very good hearing despite being an old fart, sitting a few tables away.
Plus, if they see me nearby, I look like them so I am not threatening for them to speak openly.

And the Kavanaugh thing put me over the top.
Hereís some examples of what I heard.
ďThat woman was a liar, couldnít remember anythingĒ
ďIf she wasnít a little whore, why was she at a drinking party with boysĒ
ď A lot of girls get boys all worked up to fuck em, then back out at the last minute and cry rapeĒ
ďShe couldnít know if it was Kavanaugh, she was a little drunk whore who screwed everyone ď.
There was a lot more, most of of it even worse, but you get the picture.
Not one person defended her or said she might be telling the truth.

Thatís who these people are.
As I say, I look and sound like these people (same southern accent), but I DONT THINK like them.
Many are your doctors, your lawyers, your business associates, your clergy.
Itís not all stereotypical red neck farmer types that think and feel this way either.
And, itís not just women that they hate and disparage and think are only good for sex and babies.
That hate blacks, Browns, gays, Jews, Muslims, amongst others.
Anyone that doesnít look, sound, speak, and THINK like them.
They can not be reasoned with.
Their only news sources are Fox News tv and hate talk radio.

Before Kavanaugh, I tried to understand these people, since Iím one of them physically.
I hoped they had changed by the year 2018.
But, they just went underground somewhat with their bigotry during the Obama years.
Now, with Trump, they feel empowered to say what they want without repercussions.
I hate being an old white man in 2018s America because I am so ashamed and embarrassed of what most (and, yes, I do believe MOST) of what white male America has in its hearts.

***For those saying Iím being racist against a group of people (white men over 50) - please tell me or show me with polling statistics where Iím wrong.
Vote them out on 11/6. Vote for women. Vote for black and Hispanic males. Only vote for older white males who you know arenít sexist and racist ( a big hint - 99% of the time, they will have a D next to their name - not an R).

Are there any national Dem efforts to boost Hispanic and youth turnout?

Just wondering if there are web sites that I could go to in efforts to help boost these two crucial Dem voting blocs.

Should parents of 18-25 year olds incentivize them to vote?

I keep hearing the pundits saying that there will only be normal turnout in midterms years in the 18-25 year demographic on Nov 6.
And that supposedly has Democratic political strategists very worried that they could be the difference in a lot of races.

So, Iím asking parents of young adults 18-25 if their family members are excited to vote.
If not, would you consider an enticement to go with you to vote or provide proof they voted elsewhere? Maybe a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant, or Pottery Barn, cannabis oil,
Bed, bath, and beyond?

We need busses 🚌 of college kids traveling from campus to campus GOTV.

Spark some challenges on social media amongst schools for the best percentage turnout.
Young people will make the difference in many close districts and close statewide races.

How bout a game. Pick the Senate, House, & Governors race you most want to win.

Hereís mine:
House - 22nd District of California (Devin Nunes/treasonous traitor seat).
Senate - A tie between Texas & Tenn (I loathe Ted Cruz and Marsha Blackburn equally)
Governor - A tie between Fla & Ga (2 Black Dems facing two racist vile GOP bigots).

What races will you be watching most closely and cheering for on 11/6?

Michael Bloomberg re-registers as a Democrat this morning.

No link. Just announced on Morning Joe thru a Bloomberg tweet.

The Senate truly is up for grabs.

Real Clear Politics has seven races all within the margin of error.
Fla, Tn, Ind, Mo, Mt, Az, Nv

Manchin lead up to 9.4 in WVA
Heitkamp down by 8.7 in ND
Beto trails Cruz by 6.0 in TX


I think that Somewhere, someone has video of Trump that would shock even his base.

Our country really needs someone to serve their country instead of their party, or their greed, or their friends, or their fears......we really need a hero....

What if we started to cut back on the "Woe are we" posts and look to 11/6 with enthusiasm.

I understand the need to vent. What just happened especially for women was demoralizing.
But when we talk about leaving the country and how Dems donít fight hard enough and how hopeless things are, that can serve to suppress turnout in some of our people.
We are only 29 days away.
The corporate media is lapping up McConnells propaganda that the Dems ďoverreaching and mob mentalityĒ strategy only served to gin up Republican enthusiasm.
If so, We donít need to help him by depressing our own people and dwelling too long on negativity.

Only a few more days to register people in many states. Check yours. Some end tomorrow.
We need to finish that task and then find a Dems candidate office to go into and volunteer and/or send a few bucks to candidates in close races across the nation.
Donít buy any polling...both pro or con.....lots of new voters this time that may not be accounted for by most pollsters....polling is often wrong and volatile this far out.

Work as hard as we can until 11/6 for a Blue Wave 🌊!!!!
There will be plenty of time after 11/6 to look at moving to Canada 🇨🇦 or wherever,,,lol.
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