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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 11:17 AM
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Should Warren and Biden go on Morning Joe?

Here was the narrative this morning from the hosts and guests Donnie Deutsch (the advertising guy) and Steve Rattner (the economics chart guy).
They said they knew ďmany, manyĒ people that hate Trump and ďreally donít want to HAVE to vote for himĒ but they have VERY GRAVE CONCERNS about Warren and Biden.
They think Warren will take everyoneís health care and Biden is too old and mentally slow now.

So, my question to the Warren and Biden staffs is should their candidates go on these shows to rebut them and state their case.

I'm calling it right now. For whatever reason, Trump won't be the nominee.

It will be:
Romney or
Kasich or

When is it too late for more Republicans to enter GOP primaries?

I googled this and couldnít find answers to each states filing deadlines.
I ask this because if there is a Trump resignation or complete meltdown, I would expect several big names like Kasich and maybe Romney and Haley to enter the race.

* note....FYI....I am aware that 4 states have already canceled their GOP primaries to protect Trump and his baby man feelings. I guess they could always reschedule them, if needed.

We should hold rallies Sunday November 3

That date is one year from the next Presidential election on Tuesday November 3, 2020.
What a great day to celebrate that only one year from then that we will have a New Democratic President elect.

Iím no organizer.
But I bet that someone who is reading this is.
To that person or persons, if itís not too late to do so, please organize a national rally in DC and/or in cities nationwide. Thank you, a yellow dog 🐕 Democrat

Ain't nuthin gonna happen. The criminals don't care.

Subpoenas ignored.
Witnesses donít show up.
Lie filled excuses for anything and everything.
Trump and his criminal cabal laugh and give the finger to Democrats who have no REAL POWER other than filing the articles of impeachment that the Senate will rapidly dismiss.

This SNL skit summed up the entire Trump presidency. No consequences for anything.
* note to Mods - please move this to General Discussion.

Fill in blank Questions about next weeks debate.

I feel ______________ about having 12 people on one stage.
I think ________________ will have the best performance.
I think Tom Steyerís presence will ___________________.

My answers:
Focus more attention on impeachment.

One of The best parts of this is getting to say I told you so.

Most all of us have some Trumpers in our lives.
Whether in our families, extended families, friends, workmates, etc.
Of course, some have more than others.
But, for everyone, they are still inescapable.

And for the last three years, Iíve remained mostly silent.
When politics comes up around them, I would always leave the room or change the subject.
I love hearing them twist themselves into knots trying to explain their Orange Kingís Ukraine scandal. It has been absolutely delicious at times.

But, Iím still bidening my time (see the clever thing I did there).
I just say that itís going to be interesting to see how it all turns out if thereís a lot more incriminating texts, interviews, whistleblowers, etc.
All the time I thinking, I canít wait to scream at you, I TOLD YOU SO, YOU STUPID SCHMUCK!

We all told you that he was a con man.
A compulsive liar.
A compulsive cheater.
A malignant narcissist with psychotic tendencies.

And he never tried to hide it from the day he came down that escalator with paid ďfansĒ cheering.
He mocked the disabled.
He made juvenile comments and nicknames about opponents.
He showed no knowledge or interest in policy or governmental institutions.
He repeatedly showed that he was the least qualified presidential nominee in history.

And yet, you embraced him. Or, at least, chose him over the most qualified candidate in history.
But, egads, she was a woman. And not just any woman but the right wing demonized woman from the family that you loved to hate, the Clintons.
Every time that Trump did or said something horrific (which has been almost daily), you had the fallback position that ďwell, at least heís not HillaryĒ.
Yes, of course, because with her ďhidden and deletedĒ emails she might have been...
Iím waiting...
you mean she might have been colluding with our enemies to benefit herself either financially or politically? 😆

Oh, sweet irony, you are indeed awesome.
How fantastic will it be if Trump and his mob family and criminal cabal and feckless, enabling Republican Party are brought down for DOING the actual things that they feared Hillary might do?

Thatís when all of us get to stop holding our tongues.
Thatís when we run to all of our social media pages.
We run to send out emails and texts and phone calls to the Trumpers we know and finally yell:
We have earned that I told you so. And, by damn, Iím gonna give it to them.

(Then, I will gently console them and say they didnít mean to do it, blah blah blah...because Iím a bigger, better person and as a loving caring liberal...I will want to help heal the nation).
But not before I scream at their stupid asses just one delicious 😋 time.

Let's play a game.

This is for our favorite gop Senator Queen 👸 of Concern Maineís Susan Collins.

Finish this sentence spoken by Collins concerning the Ukraine scandal.

ďI really am concerned, in fact Iím so concerned that _____________________.Ē

Will Trump and Rudy go after Marianne next?

First Biden, then Warren.
CCNN (almost a real news network) now might possibly some people say bigly reporting that the White House has contacted George Takei to serve as a special envoy to beam up to planet Moronova to gather moon dust dirt on Williamson. Rudy going there too on a special moonbeam magic carpet.

Thatís just wrong on so many levels.
Canít be true.
Takei is a Democrat. So, I really donít buy this fake news.
Made you look 👀 though. Yes, Iím silly 😜 and naughty this morning.

Turtle 🐢 Moscow Mitch might give the Dems a gift 🎁.

Jim Vandehei of Axios on tv this morning.
He said when the Senate gets the impeachment resolution from the House that Moscow Mitch can hold the Senate vote either publicly or privately.
He said that McConnell wants a public vote.

That means that vulnerable GOP Senators in Purple states like Colorado, Arizona, Iowa, Maine, and NCarolina will have to go on the record.
They will be in a no win situation by supporting an unpopular Trump in their state or alienating their base.
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