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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
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My new bumper sticker


Why are the state polls almost ALWAYS wrong in the same direction?

It just boggles the mind that time after time, year after year, that so many of these state polls that will show a slight Dem lead turn into Repug wins and sometimes routs.
Either people are lying to pollsters, or the polling companies are all bad, or there is some hanky panky somewhere with computer source codes and some votes being changed in a few precincts.

The Senate May come down to 4 states MO, IND, FLA, TN.

I’ve been obsessed with the Senate the last two weeks.
Dems keep trending up with very high early turnout everywhere.

As you all probably know, we have to flip 2 seats to gain control to flip the current 51-49 GOP.
Here’s where I see the competitive races.
We will lose a seat in ND
We will gain 3 seats in AZ, NV, TX (yes! Texas where Dem turnout has been thru the roof!).
We will hold WVA, NJ, MONT.
That puts us where we need to be at 51-49 DEM with 4 more states in play.

That leaves us defending Fla, MO, IND.
GOP defending TENN.
So, we only have to win 2 out of these 4.
All 4 of these are now legitimate within the margin of error tossup states. All are Super close.

So, If you know any Dems or Dem leaning Independents in these 4 states, please beg them to vote on Tuesday. If you know Repubs in these states, tell them that you hope they vote “WEDNESDAY”.

Just imagine the Orange 🍊 guy in the White House waking up on Wednesday knowing that in January he will be having to face a Dem House AND a Dem Senate with all of that subpoena power.
Let’s go guys. Bring on that big blue wave 🌊 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will there be any state exit polls on Tuesday night?

Asking for a friend.
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