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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 11:17 AM
Number of posts: 8,299

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How would these numbers affect March 1 states?

Just for funnin around sake, let's say:
Nevada - Bernie 51% Hillary 49%
S.Carolina - Hillary 60% Bernie 40%

Does that change anything radically on March 1, or does the race remain status quo?

Was Scalia credited with the expression about money and politics?

Didn't he say:
Money IS free speech.....as a prelude to Citizens United...
I associate him with that like I do Romney for:
Corporations ARE People, my friend.

Does anybody here listen to Stephanie Miller?

Just wondering if she has stated if she is for Hillary or Bernie?

Bernie should jump out there on Scotus pick.

He should say that his top two choices would be:
Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama

Ted Cruz logo looks a lot like a religious one...surprised? Lol



Just saw Michael Moores new film

Where do we invade next?
Loved it. But, I always love his movies.
Democrats should def see it.
So should Repubs. But, of course, they won't.

I wish Keith Olbermann was back doing politics.

I realize that he's been fired many times because of his temper.
But, he is an outstanding writer.
I would love to see him back on tv doing political commentary.

I can't see it happening on MSNBC, though.
Joe Scarborough reportedly hates him and has told the network he would quit if they re-hired Keith.

Will we have Exit Poll results around 5pm tomorrow?

I know this used to be the case.
The networks used to get a batch they would release about 5pm.
Not actual vote tallies, but answers to questions that gave out hints what might happen.
Wonder if we will get those tomorrow.

Advice to Bernie Staff/Surrogates: Pronounce Neh-vah-duh Correctly.

It is NOT pronounced Neh-vaw-duh. It is pronounced Neh-VAH-duh.
People from that state notice this.

Say VAH.
Don't say VAW.

Could Oprah be next to endorse???

Her endorsement of Obama was big in 2008.
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