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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 9,323

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Have I missed the parts on Gun Laws & Climate Change?

Asking for over 300 million Americans.

Kamala Harris and Sherrod Brown next to each other....hmmmm

Thatís the ticket?

What did the horny male Italian lawyer give his girlfriend?


* this joke is funnier if you say the answer in an Italian accent.

Maybe we should set Democratic lines to run for office.

Since we know that IOKIYAR, letís not even try to say ďwhat if it was a RepublicanĒ.
We know they will go down swinging to defend their own even after all the facts come in on a political scandal.

But, we Dems often jump to a decision on our own even before all the facts come in.
So, letís do this.
Letís set up some up some rules for anybody running as a a Democrat from dog catcher to POTUS.

Things that you must never have done.
If found out that you did them, you must resign your office.
Just list them all.
Start with murder and drop down to stealing a pack of gum at age 8. Then, everything in between.
And state if any transgressions have a statute of limitations as to when they were done and the amount of time passing before they were discovered (generally by right wing media outlets).

This way we will have a whole lot less people running for office.
But, our party will be more pure and so will our officeholders.

What is the worst thing Mueller & SDNY have on Trump?

By worst, I mean what would carry the most prison time if he were charged.
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