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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 9,323

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What new ground will be covered at the debate tonight?

I think Wolf is the moderator.
I'm sure he will ask about "unqualified " and "corporate whore" gates.
But, policy position wise, is there anything new that hasn't already been discussed at previous debates?

Would like to hear from some Jewish Democrats.

I'm a poll nerd.
I like to look at all of the demographic cross tabs.
And, where there has been religious affiliation mentioned, Hillary beats Bernie among Jewish voters.
That surprises me some since Bernie is Jewish.
I've never heard him or Hillary asked about this.
But, I do find it interesting.


Would a sit down with the Pope

help Bernies numbers in New York?
Talk on the tv right now that the trip is a waste of time unless Bernie can get a picture with the Pope and maybe some nice words from the Pope about Bernies economic policies.

Full scorched earth or graceful exit?

That has to be the discussion with Weaver, Devine, Jane, and Bernie.
New Yprk polls have Hillary anywhere from 11-16 points ahead.
That kind of win for her would end Bernies momentum and any chance to change the minds of any super delegates.
So, does Bernie go aftrr her with both barrels at the debate or not?

Bernie & Kasich have same electability argument.

Both can only hope to win in an open convention.
All polling shows that both do better against the other party than their own other party's candidates do.
Bernie claims that he would beat Trump or Cruz by a much higher percentage than Hillary would.
Kasich claims that he is the only Republican that can beat Hillary.

But, their detractors claim that the spotlight hasn't been shined on them yet.
They say that Bernie would wilt under GOP full scrutiny and bashing.
The same, to a lesser extent, has been said of Kasichs later exposure to Dem scrutiny.

It's an interesting argument.

Anybody watching Leave it to beaver family on CNN

Town Hall with Kasich family.
They have 1950s humor and outlook on life.
Cornball jokes and nothing but platitudes. Yuck!
And, to think, he's by far the least offensive of the three goppers left.

Please stop making new posts of OLD polls.

There are always so many posts that have a headline that says..."New poll shows..."
You click on it and it is nowhere near being new....it is often at least 48-72 hours old.
A new poll is something that has been released in the last 24 hours.
Now, if you are quoting the "most recent" poll, just say that in your headline.
But, a poll that was released on Friday is not "new" on a Monday.

Is Hillary too, too, too for Bernie supporters?

When you break down and dispense with all of the personal stuff, what do you find.
I'm a Bernie guy that will support Hillary in the general, should she get the nom as I expect.

I don't like when people try to label her as completely dishonest or ingenuous.
Attack her message, not the messager.

What I do think is fair and where I side with Bernie is three main topics.
I think she tends to be to be too pro-war, too pro-Wall Street, and too pro-trade.

But, I know many Hillary supporters who would disagree with me.
They see Bernie as just too liberal and too idealistic to win or ever accomplish anything if elected.

But, that is where I wish the argument would stay.
As Bernie once said, I don't care about her damn emails and I don't like seeing people on our side do any personal bashing of either Hillary or Bernie.
They are both OURS when it comes down to it and both are worlds better, in every regard, than the current unbelievably foul Republican crop.

I hope at Thursday nights debate and for the rest of the primary season we do what Jane Sanders recently said. No more disqualification type talk, keep it to Contrasting policy positions.
Signed: a humble yellow dog democrat.


And ClintonNewsNetwork finally getting their Rome visit spin talking point decided:

First, it was Stupid - to leave the campaign trial
Then, he was Lying - about getting an invitation from the Vatican.
Now, he is just Pandering to Catholics and Latinos by this "gimmick".

How bout we talk a little Pope visit political strategy.

No matter who you support, what do you Strategically think of Bernies visit to Pope on 4/15.

This means two days travel away from New York. The Friday and Saturday before New York primary on the following Tuesday.

If you were one of Bernies strategists, would you be doing this?

I see both sides.
Yes, he will get some free publicity out of this.
But, it's on a weekend so there won't be as much coverage as a weekday trip.
Plus, he's canceling a lot of New York rallies for this.

With him so far behind in the math, does it even matter?
Would a Pope endorsement be a real Hail Mary? bad pun intended, lol.
Kidding on the endorsement...for the comically challenged...maybe a blessing?

Talk amongst yourselves.
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