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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 11:17 AM
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Morning Joe saying Chief Justice won't touch Roe

Joe says that Roberts will not allow the heartbeat bill to come before SCOTUS.
Say it will be struck down at the District Court level and Roberts won’t give it certiorari.
They say that Roberts would be the swing vote in eliminating Roe and that they don’t think Roberts wants to be put it that place historically.

The best pro choice debate strategy you will win every time.

I’ve used this many times and always left the pro lifers mouths open.
First, you let them think they are winning the debate by agreeing with them that it is reasonable to consider a fetus (generally late second or third term - but that’s not germane in this argument) a possibly viable human person, e.g. an unborn human being.

So, they will then go on to say if you agree with that, you must agree with them that abortion is murder. Well, you say, “hmmmm, I guess if it’s a murder that was well thought out, planned, and then executed, we are legally talking first degree pre-meditated murder.”

“Oh, yes, they will say. That doctor and mother have committed murder. Now, you are seeing why we are so against it. It’s not a medical procedure like some of you pro-abortion people call it, it is first degree murder of a baby”.

You reply with this.
“So, if we are going to go with that scenario, we are going to have to go with the states punishment for the crime. Many states use the death penalty and others life in prison without parole for first degree pre-meditated murder.
So, the Doctor could be put to death and the mother might also be for ordering and paying for the baby murder”. (This is where you see their jaws open and their eyes widen). You continue, “And, I guess the woman’s parents and the father of the baby could be charged with conspiracy or aiding and abetting by paying for the murder or not trying to stop it, if they are in the doctors office during the abortion murder. That’s the way the law will see it, of course”. (More jaws drop).

Usually after this I walk away acting as if they have convinced me or given me something to think about.
While, in actuality, it’s me that’s given them something to think about.
UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES - a debaters favorite weapon - use it, my liberal friends.

I fear we are all on our way to becoming OfFred.

Those that watch the hit show “The Handmaids Tale” know it as a futuristic Christian Talibanesque display that strips away all of the rights of women to return America to a Puritanical tyrannical form of government.

Each Handmaid becomes the property of an Oligarchal type of male figure.
The women no longer have a name, they are just called Of(their masters name).
The star of the show serves a master named Fred. So, her name is Of Fred. (Offred).

Are there people in this country today that would like to see such an America?
Have you ever heard of Christian Dominionist and current Vice President Mike Pence?
Have you been following all of the state Governors and legislatures new “heartbeat bills” to ban abortions in their states after only 6 weeks?
Our free press is under literal attack by our President and his abetting party leaders?
One of our two political parties has given up any sense of morality and given in to a tyrannical corrupt regime. Absolute power having corrupted them absolutely.
While the opposition party fights as best it can, it does so with little REAL power of enforcement.

For those of you that have never seen the Handmaids Tale, below is a scene to scare the bejeezus out of you, especially if you are female.
It depicts (although not graphically) the star Handmaids OfFred being offered up to her master to be impregnated to give him and his barren wife a child.
(* side note - who else was “of Fred” quite literally. The name Fred Trump ring a bell?).

Could the 85-94 Trump taxes leaker find any from 95-18?

The NYTimes, of course, didn’t reveal their sources on the taxes.
I’m just wondering if those same people or others in the government are out there searching for newer ones that they might leak.

Would the broadcast networks give Pelosi Impeachment time?

If things progress to the point that the Speaker decides that Impeachment is her only option, I think she should ask the broadcast networks for free live prime time to explain why that she and the House Democrats are taking this step.
She could do it in as little as 5-15 minutes of air time.
I know this would be very unusual to give free broadcast air time to a political leader other than a President.
However, I think she could convince the broadcast networks that it is the public’s interest to do so.

Will Green & Libertarians run Prez candidates again?

If so, please give us different ones than in 2016.
I can’t stand the idea of listening to Jill Stein trying to siphon off progressive votes again.

Seems like there's no movement on choosing a candidate.

I always watch the percentages at the top of the page in this forum.
They haven’t changed in a week or so.
Have people just been more interested in Mueller report and other things or just waiting for the June debates to pick a candidate?

DSCC Chair Masto & Leader Schumer need to shine.

She’s only been in the job for six months, as this article from November shows.


But, Senator Masto and Senator Schumer really need to pick up their game and recruit like hell to help the Dems take back the Senate.
Getting the Senate back is almost as important as getting the Presidency back.

In their defense, they tried really hard to talk Abrams in Georgia into running but she said no.
I’m not sure about why Joaquin Castro said no to running against Cornyn in Texas.
That being said, Trumps taxes, Muellers testimony, a slippage in the economy or other unforeseen events may bring Trumps approval numbers back down to the mid to low 30’s before November 2020.
If that happens, we could be talking a Democratic landslide.

To take advantage of Presidential coattails, we need some quality Senate candidates especially in purple areas like Maine, NCarolina, Arizona, Colorado, and even Georgia and Texas.

So, come on Masto and Schumer. Load up your suitcases with candles and candies and cakes and other goodies and hit the road to those states and entice some Dems that can win to jump aboard! We need the Senate!!

We need to hear from the Helsinki translator.

The new tax story begs for more Russia information.
This time period of 1985-94 could have been when he had to get into bed with Russian oligarchs.

If so, that could have led to his obedience to Russia or Russians.
It is of national interest to demand that the translator at the Helsinki Trump/Putin closed door meeting must be interviewed by Congress and produce her notes from that meeting.

Has the media lost interest in Mr Starbucks?

For a while there, he was getting lots of interviews about his potential third party run.
Maybe his 15 minutes was just a latte foam.
Here’s hoping he doesn’t run.
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