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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 11:17 AM
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New Sunday NBC poll has Trump approval at 46%

Seriously, WTF America? How is it this high?


Tom Perez tough job keeps getting tougher.

When Mayor DeBlasio and Governor Bullock expectedly enter the race next week, we will have 24 candidates.
Perez has stated that the debates at the end of July will be a two night event with each night hosting the same number of candidates.
So thatís 12 candidates (assuming all 24 meet the criterion to get on stage) per night.

If each night is a two hour session, Iíd assume that Perez would put 6 candidates on the stage at each time giving everyone one hour of stage time. Perez has already said that candidates would draw straws for their day and time slot.

If you were drawing the straws, which 6 candidates names would you hope would come up to be on the stage at the same time.

Hereís who Iíd like to see on the stage at the same time:
Biden and Bernie (since they are the front runners)
Warren and Harris (two strongest females and could size up potential Biden/Harris and Bernie/Warren tickets. Do they seem compatible enuf to run together?)
Beto and Pete (our younger generation - how do they fare on big stage with big names).

Thatís my dream 6 to be on stage together.
Whatís your group and why?

Everything really may boil down to Muellers patriotism.

With it looking like Rosenstein has gone to the dark side.
With it looking like McGahn wonít be allowed to testify.
With it looking like we will never see the fully unredacted report.

It may just come down to Mueller.
Whether itís while he still works for the DOJ or after he leaves it, his testimony is crucial.
It must be before live tv cameras.
It must be done with probing questions and follow up questions about Barr, Rosenstein, and anyone else who tried to influence the stoppage, spin, or outright lies about what is in the report both before and after it came out.

The key then becomes whether or not Mueller believes he should spill every bean or if he will just be a good soldier that gives minimalist answers.
The only thing at risk might just be our Democratic Republic.

I am just so impressed with ALL of our Dem talent.

Every time another person announces they are running for Prez, Iím really surprised at just how intelligent and articulate they are.
Just like Sen Bennet last night with Rachel.
He had a great personal family story to tell also.
When you look at all of the great people on our side it gives me some renewed hope for America.

Free advice to the Biden campaign.

Donít do these 3 things:
Donít talk about China.
Donít talk about Republicans that you admire.
Donít talk about your Dem challengers.

Do DO these 3 things:
Bash Trump
Bash Trump
Bash Trump

That should just about wrap up the nomination...lol...
Sarcasm dripping....

Who are the persuadable Trump 10% and what do they want?

Since Trump has been in office, his approval ratings have stayed pretty consistent in all of the reputable polls.
He stays within a 10% framework of 35%-45% approval.
Generally, he bounces from 38%-42%.

My question is this. Who are these people that bounce around?
We know that the 35% base are Unreachable Fox News/RW radio deplorables.
But, Iím more interested in those 10% that neither worship nor hate him.
Who are these odd people that blow with the wind 💨 on their Trump affection level?

I think if we knew who they are, where they are, and what matters most to them, we might then know what we could do to target 🎯 and make them permanent anti Trumpers.
A flatline of only 35% would mean a landslide win in 2020 including flipping the Senate.

Do Jeb Bush and W hate Trump as much as we do?

Neither has said that much directly about him.
But since their deaths it has come out that Poppy and Barbara didnít vote for Trump.
I just wonder if they will sit out the 2020 race or maybe endorse William Weld in the GOP primary just to take a shot at Trump?

Our Nominee better be ready for the "royal" treatment.

Trump will do everything with the power of the government behind him to destroy our nominee.


Looks like he's got a stress herpes outbreak on that lower lip.

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