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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 11:17 AM
Number of posts: 8,299

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My Republican brother may vote for Hillary.

We don't often talk politics.
He's staunch repub.
Thinks they are the makers, and Dems are the takers.
But, he really only cares about the economic wing of party.
He makes very good money and wants to keep it all.
Not racist or a fearminger although a little misoginistic.

Anyway, he is embarrassed by Trump and thinks he's batshit crazy.
Hates Hillary and Bill. Just because. He doesn't even know exactly why.
But, he says that his party needs to be punished for not picking Bush, Kasich, or Rubio.

Says he might vote for Hillary and then come home and bathe in bleach and not tell any of his buddies what he's done. ....hahaha!

Where is Evan McWhoever?

Since the Never Trump Republicans announced their new candidate (after the failed David French tease), has anybody heard from Evan?
Does he have any real money behind him?

Looks like Guiliani has replaced Christie

as Trumps main boy Friday.
Christie has been noticeably absent lately.
Guiliani has been the main hatchet man lately and has now been named "the negotiator" to set the terms under which Trump would agree to the three debates.

So when does this McMullin guy name a running mate?

How bout Carly?
Her bruises have probably heeled now from that fall she took off of Cruz podium.

Has the disabled reporter that Trump mocked spoken out?

Would love to see him do an ad and do the interview circuit.

Will Stein/Johnson voters vote Dem down ballot?

I've talked to a few Bernie people that just can not be talked into voting for Hillary.
They say they will vote Green, Lib, or stay home. None would consider Trump.
In this case, I do hope they vote because I Think they will vote for Dem candidates on the rest of the ballot due to their hatred for the GOP.

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