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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 9,319

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CNN's Tapper says they won't show shooters pictures.

Wow. They wonít show white nationalists but if it was a brown Muslim face you know they would.

Anybody here suffer from IBD or IBS?

I think I have it.
Having a colonoscopy in a few weeks.
Doctor has been having me write down everything I eat and drink to see what causes my diarrhea, gas, and bloating flare ups.

I may have isolated dairy, caffeine, carbonation, and popcorn as things that bother me.
Does that make sense to anyone with Irritable Bowel Disease or Syndrome?

A speculation game to interest some & anger some of you.

I occasionally post a ďwhat ifĒ question on here.
It always amazes me how many people that annoys.

Anyway, with a lot of time to kill before the September debates, I thought Iíd toss this out there.
***I know this wonít happen as most candidates that drop out donít endorse. ***
But just for fun and For arguments sake, letís say that as the field winnows that the candidates that drop out will all either publicly endorse or name a favorite as they walk away.

Your challenge is to name some of those people that will drop out and who you think theyíd pick.

Iíll start.
Hickenlooper will drop out and endorse Biden.

For Warren fans: what do you think of these possible veeps

I think if she is the nominee, she needs a male poc.

Warren/Booker or Warren/Castro.

Having fun with nicknames

Yes, itís sophmoric.
Yes, itís beneath me.
But, yes, itís fun.
If Trump can give derogatory nicknames to everyone, so can we.

With Moscow Mitch catching on, thought Iíd try for a few more.
Nazi Steven Miller
The Vapors Lindsey Graham
Soulless Kellyanne Conway
Let them eat cake Ivanka Trump
Little hands Marco Rubio
Hypocrite Mike Pence

Is there a place to look at the September debate qualifiers?

Iíd like to see who has already qualified and who hasnít but is expected to and is not expected to.

Where's The media outrage over the racist Reagan tapes.

Iím waiting.

So...I said I'd pick a preference after the July debates.

My choice is very soft and liable to change.
But I have to reward the person who had the best back to back performances.
That was easily Elizabeth Warren.
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