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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
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Will any of the networks call the race on election night?

I know all of the talk now is about suppressed mail in votes and what that could mean to late counting in many states going on for days or even weeks.
However, if Biden is SO FAR AHEAD in exit polling, released day of vote raw totals, number of registered Dems vs GOP mailed in ballots in a state - the call in many states may come between 7-11pm eastern time like in most Presidential elections.

According to the site 270 to win, Biden wins even without any of their tossup states.


So, here’s hoping we celebrate as soon as California is called on the night of November 3rd!

My advice to those running the DNC Convention

Since this is now just a virtual convention, it will basically just be a bunch of Zoom speakers.

I like the idea of having one hour on the first or second night called “Republicans for Biden”.
So far, former GOP Governor John Kasich is scheduled to speak.

I’d like to see a few others from the following list:
Nicolle Wallace
Steve Schmidt
Stuart Stevens
Joe Scarborough
Anna Navarro
Jennifer Rubin
David Frum
Jenna Bush
Meaghan McCain

I’d also like to see one hour dedicated to Democrats that voted for Trump in 2016 but now regret that vote. This would just be “real people” (not celebrities) from across the nation (especially those who live in swing states).

Van Jones said Biden will lose if he doesn't pick a black VP.

Just now on CNN With Erin Burnett.

Will any Bush family member endorse Biden?

Here’s my guess:
Jenna Bush (W’s daughter)
Your guesses?

South Carolina Senate Race Now Tied.

Wow 🤩


Has Karen Bass explained or commented on her Scientology statement?

I really think she needs to address this even if she doesn’t get the Veep spot.

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