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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 7,008

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CNN or MSNBC should hold GOP Pres debates.

4 states, so far, have cancelled their GOP primaries so that Trump wonít be embarrassed.
I think that some cable network should invite all 4 Republicans to a debate and then have an empty podium for Trump next to Weld, Walsh, and Sanford.

Permit me to ask a question of Sanders & Warren supporters only.

If your first choice is Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, please post your second choice.
I have a friendly wager with someone about this.

The Greens & Libertarians candidates.

I think it will be interesting to see if the Greens nominate Jill Stein again.
And you never know what The Libertarians will come up with.

Where's the enthusiasm for Thursday's debate.

Seems to me that there was a lot more pre debate talk and interest for the first two than this one.
Or maybe weíve all just been caught up in all of Trumps daily craziness.

Anyway, for those that plan to watch on Thursday, what are you expecting?
Who do you think the media will be praising and dishing after itís over?

I actually agree with Joe Scarborough on Biden strategy.

This morning, Morning Joe devoted a segment to Bidenís gaffes and just how important and non important they are.
Scarborough (who wants Biden to be President) blamed Bidenís staff for putting him in awkward situations. He said that Biden just needs to stick to a TelePrompTer script at rallies and not go off script where he has been prone to mix up his stories or misspeak.
This makes sense to me.
I hope that Bidenís staff was watching.

You may say that I donít want Biden to win because I declared Warren as my favorite.
I actually would be very comfortable with Biden as President.
I just prefer a woman with either Warren or Harris getting our nomination.
However, if we get into the primaries in early 2020 and a lot of the reputable polling (both nationally and in key battleground states) continue to show Biden beating Trump easily whereas those same polls showing a close race with Trump against other Dems, then I will switch to Biden.
Because we simply canít risk losing in November 2020.

So, please Bidenís staff, do everything you can to protect and help your nominee.
Donít give the gop any more ammunition to tear him down.
The ONLY way Trump beats him is if they can paint Biden as mentally deficient even more so than Trump is.

Women please save us from the WOME's.

A wome is a

These horribly sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic hypocrites and their corporate overlords have controlled our political process for far too long.
I believe that only women can save us from them.
Women must choose our leaders wisely by supporting and running for office everywhere.
As a male, I just have decided that I can not trust a WOME to ever do the right thing.

Now, there are a lot of good men that are not WOMEís, of course. And like Iím doing here, those men must call out the WOMEís every time they pull any of their shit.
Hereís to a WOME free world one day.

Maybe we could just have a "Joes gaffes" forum.

They seem to REALLY bother a lot of people on here.
Iím not one of those people even though I donít want him as our nominee.
I want a woman.
But I still love Joe and think his heart is good.

Anyway, instead of having so many (almost daily) posts discussing what the MSM is talking about with Joe getting this detail wrong or that detail wrong, just have a forum dedicated to it.
You know there will be a lot more.
Joe himself has said he is a gaffe machine.
Heís a storyteller that doesnít care about exact details, itís about the moral of the story.
I can relate because I tell stories the same way.
I love Joes heart. I love his resilience from so much tragedy.
I love how he always had Obamaís back.

I wish he was a little sharper mentally. But heís 76.
This isnít going to get better.
If you think itís disqualifying for him to get the nomination, thatís fair.
But, I donít. He would be a rambling President but an honest one. Thatís more important to me.

Anyway, what about a forum just dedicated to this subject.

Frank Luntz & Donald Trump work on Dem nicknames.

FL: Mr. President as your chief pollster and strategist, I think itís really important that we saddle the leading Democrat candidates with negative nicknames as soon as we can to put them into the minds of voters.
So, Iím gonna say a name and you shout out the first thing that comes to mind.

FL: Joe Biden
DT: older than shit sleepy dumb ass.

FL: Bernie Sanders
DT: nearly dead old fool socialist communist

FL: Elizabeth Warren
DT: nasty fake Pocahontas four eyes

FL: Kamala Harris
DT: nasty stupid name fake black lady.

FL: Pete Buttigieg
DT: cocksu..... FL: whoa, donít finish that...come up with something else.
DT: buttfu.... FL: umm, obviously weíd have to work on that one.

FL:Ok, Mr. President. Iím gonna run these thru some focus groups.
In the meantime, I want you to watch some of the Democrat debates to keep working on names.
DT: can I also work on stupid Schumer and nasty Nancy ones too.
FL: sure, knock yourself out.

Warren should call out Trump on party affiliation & loyalty.

She could fend off any accusations that sheís a Socialist and also let some of his uninformed base know that he is just a convenience Republican.

Warren: ďI think itís funny when Trump refers to me as a socialist. Itís especially funny when I was A Republican for a big part of my life and Trump was a Democrat for most of his until he found it politically expedient to change. Iíd love to hear him give his reasons. Anyway, I can give you the reasons that I changed and why Iím now a proud Democrat, etc, etc.Ē

Will any big names get indicted over Epstein?

I think his death insured their safety from prosecution.
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