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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 9,280

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Questions to ask Trumpers.

Oh, you voted for Trump.
So, is it ok to grab your genitals?
So, do you mock or make fun of handicapped people?
So, do you fat shame women?
So, do you think Mexicans are rapists?
So, do you imply men with small hands have small genitals?
So, do you think all Muslims are terrorists?
So, do you not pay people that do work for you?

What else?

Turning away from Trump supporter relationships.

I recently overheard a conversation of an acquaintance.
She was someone that I had hoped might become a friend.
But, the conversation I heard had her expressing how great Trump is.
Now, I just want to keep her only as an acquaintance, if even that.
What's weird about this is how I have changed.
I know many Repubs. But, I am not close friends with any staunch Trump backers.
Somehow, it just seems so different with those who back Trump.
It's like I'm, for a new word, a Trumpaphobe.
I just have no respect for people who voted for him especially if they continue to support him after these horrid six months.

Anybody else look at people this way now?

Have we reached "Idiocracy" level yet?

The movie Idiocracy is about a dumbed down America.
I believe that we have been purposely dumbed down by corporate America.
We are overly entertained, under informed and poorly educated.

Higher education has been under attack for over 20 years.
Having "common sense" is valued over "book learning".

If societies are not educated, the people don't know the proper questions to ask authorities.
So, out of embarrassment or apathy, they don't ask and stop caring.
They are pliable and obedient.

At least 40% of our population has reached that level.
And that just might be enough to destroy America.
Have a nice day, while you still can.

"Dump Trump's Bunch"

That should be our slogan for the 2018 midterms.
Associate all Republicans running as being tied to Trump and his lies and incompetence.
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