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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 6,959

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My way too early Senate Impeachment vote prediction.

I believe the Senate vote for removal from office will go down party lines with 4 exceptions.

Romney and Murkowski will vote yes. Collins will be VERY concerned 😦 but still vote no.
Manchin and Jones will vote no.

Just my .02.

My valuable reasoned opinion on WarrenSanders chances.

After a lot of numbers crunching and several consultations with Miss Cleo, here’s how I see it all shaking out.
Bloomberg will have little effect on the race.
Iowa, NH, Nevada, SC will just be produce a muddled mess with the top 4 remaining the top 4.

Pressure will then be on all of the so called other “moderates” like Klobuchar to drop and endorse Biden before Super Tuesday.
And, here’s the ultimate “decider”
The progressive wing of our party will strongly encourage Warren and Sanders to get into a room and hash things out.
They will be told this: “If both of you stay in the race thru Super Tuesday, Biden will be our nominee. But, if one of you drops out and endorses the other, that person will be our nominee.
You two have that power. So, decide what you think is better for the country and be relegated to the idea that the status quo gives the nomination to Biden”.

Neither will drop IMHO.
Biden will be our nominee.

Don't you love the "Never Trumpers" except for Warren/Sanders

I love all of these conservatives that hate Trump and say they want him out and that he has ruined the Republican brand.
And they love to tell Democrats that they will vote for the Democrats.
But, ONLY if THEY get to pick the Democrat.
They say they can’t vote for a “radical liberal“ like Warren or Sanders.
So, do they get to pick OUR nominee?
Guess we will know around March or April.

I don't know why I can't stand Steve Kornacki

But I can’t change the channel fast enuf when he comes on my tv.

Will Impeachment freeze the Democratic primary race?

This was the topic for some of the pundits I watched recently.
Their premise was that the Impeachment inquiry and subsequent trial in the Senate will take up all of the political air in the media.
The thinking being that most national media will be totally focused on impeachment to the exclusion of almost anything else including the primaries.
They said that this will benefit the current front runners because the second and third tier candidates won’t be able to get much attention at all, at least from the national media.
They said that candidates would need to search for media attention from local tv and newspapers for coverage now.
Kind of makes sense, I guess.
Probably also means the debates in November and December are even more important than they would normally be, I think.

I finally figured out who Mayor Pete reminds me of.

Was just watching him in New Hampshire filling out ballot paperwork.
He just comes across as such a nice guy. Very likable.
But, just a little bit nerdy. But in a good way.
He’s, of course, brilliant (probably Mensa) but he doesn’t come across as arrogant at all.

For those that remember the show Leave it To Beaver, Pete reminds me of Beavers very nice, smart older brother Wally. Wally always did the right thing and took care of his little brother.

Get ready for the pro Trump punditry lovefest.

You know what’s coming.
They will say that this is a huge foreign policy victory for Trump personally.
Some will undoubtedly say that combined with this and the “wonderful economy” that the country should ignore the Democrats Impeachment efforts.
You will want to vomit.
I’m staying away from watching, listening, or reading any of it for a week or so.

My crystal ball on Bernie and Mayor Pete

For several months now, I have thought that our decision would and should come down to a choice between Biden or Warren. I think they both well represent the two wings of our party and I think either would beat Trump.

However, I don’t see the field clearing to give them a one on one battle at least until after Super Tuesday and probably not even then. Bernie has a rock solid base of 15-20% and Mayor Pete is flush with cash.

The only fly in my progosticative ointment would be if either Biden or Warren swept 🧹 all 4 or even 3-4 of the early primaries. But, I don’t see that happening.
What I do see happening is that if a candidate doesn’t make the December debate, they will probably have to drop out. So we may only have 5-6 on the ballot in Iowa. Would be very interesting to see where those 3-4% candidates followers move.

Trump and Putin money laundering accusation

On Morning Joe today, Donnie Deutsch said Trumps loyalty to Putin stems from his days of losing casino money and going into bankruptcy. He said that Putin financially bailed Trump out when no American banks would and that this led to money laundering.
Joe said this idea has been speculation among many New York bankers for years.

I'd love to see Warren & Biden just talking.

Not a debate.
No moderators.
No questioners.
No audience.

Just the two of them sitting comfortably and questioning each other on policy.

I know this won’t happen and I know they aren’t the only two in the race.
But I do think that one of them will be our nominee.
And for that reason, I would just love to see them in a one on one non confrontational setting.

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