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Gender: Male
Hometown: Narberth,PA
Home country: USA
Current location: Narberth
Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 05:49 PM
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Real name: John

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Trump blocks cancer patient on Twitter


Kmmel to Kilmeade : I'll pound you the next time I see you.

Can't believe I haven't come across these monsters before.

Every afternoon I like to listen to my favorite lefty podcast The Majority Report. Today a caller brought something up that caught my attention. She teaches college students and often engages with them about politics. Where they stand and who they like to listen to for information. She said that one name that came up more than a few times when discussing their favorite political commentators, was a young woman by the name of Lana Lokteff. Host Sam Seder knew exactly who she was talking about immediately. They talked about how disturbing the things that this person says are. Surprised I'd never heard the name, I googled her. I scrolled through the videos category and among lots of typical alt right nonsense was a video that caught my attention. It was titled "Go back to Europe." Curious, I clicked on it...kind of wish I hadn't.

After watching this I was pretty disturbed, I felt sick. The video starts with a pretty cliché semi-professional intro screen. A dramatic view of a shard of ice (or glass?) in a forest with the words Red Ice and beneath them "Alt Right Media" after which up pops a young looking blond haired white girl, below her, the name Lana Lokteff. She immediately gave me chills. After looking at her face, it was as if my sub conscious sensed something sinister was afoot. I went from chills to down right freaked out after she got the first few sentences out. She repeatedly uses the phrase "anti-whites" to describe people who, in her demented mind, want to "destroy white European culture" and tell white people to "Go back to Europe." (You know, its funny, I've never heard anyone harangue a white person and tell them to 'go back to Europe', but I have heard a white person tell a black person to 'go back to Africa') She then goes on to attempt to justify the genocide of Native Americans, saying that "Indians genocided (not a word) other tribes." She claims that "anti whites", I assume she's referring to people that aren't ultra-bigoted white supremacists like herself, don't care who was in America before "so called Native Americans". That struck me, I learned, as most others did, that the first people to inhabit North America were pre-historic hunters who travelled a land bridge formed at the end of The Ice Age from North East Asia to Alaska. These people resembled the people of places like Mongolia, China or Siberia. She makes the claim that scientists have discovered evidence linking Native Americans to Europeans. Next she continues to rip into Native Americans saying that they "created no infrastructure to steal". Then she makes European invaders out to be saints claiming they were "toiling the fields long before the first African slave landed on their shore." At this point I was completely appalled. Next I found an article on Rational Wiki about the media group Red Ice Creations. It said that Red Ice was created by a Swedish man by the name Henrik Palmgren who fancies himself a "filmmaker, radio host, musician, editor, director, researcher and graphics designer". He runs Red Ice with help from his older brother Fredrik, Lana Lokteff and some others. The group hosts issues such as conspiracy theories, the paranormal, pseudohistory, alternative medical BS and shares links to conspiracy theorist David Icke's website, though now they have shifted their focus primarily to alt rightism. They collide with other alt right loons citing passages from articles by InfoWars and PrisonPlanet, Alex Jones' conspiracy nut sites, as well as Pravda.ru, a Russian tabloid packed with woo, denialism and off the wall conspiracy theories. Red Ice is described as fractally wrong by Rational Wiki. I'm not gonna be able to sleep tonight guys, this stuff is scaring the shit out of me, my fellow DUers. We can't let this enemy out of our sights, it is extremely dangerous.

John Kelly During Rump's UN Speech

Best Emmy Intro!

*Dont read the comments. Troll infested.

New sign. Hell yes!

Bernie, Co-Sponsors Introduce Medicare for All Bill

He Saw It Coming. Why Didn't We?

Watch President Carter explain the current mess we now live in.

Tiki Torch Nazis

Sandy and Richard Riccardi. Just went through their YouTube vids. These two are brilliant.

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