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Member since: Fri Nov 27, 2015, 08:45 PM
Number of posts: 4,260

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Susan Collins decides to commit political suicide.

She keeps digging a deeper hole for herself. Buh Bye, Suzy.....Buh Bye.


BREAKING!!!! Trump responds in writing to Special Counsel- 1st Question LEAKED!!

apparently, Trump used his normal writing utensil, a crayon...


I've got nothing to say......

Other than I changed my avatar...


When first elected, I feared Dotard would start a war..

I never imagined it would be a civil war.....

To Susan Collins:

I will sell my house.
I will quit my job.
I will move to Maine.
And devote my last dying breath to see that you are expelled to the ash heap of history.

You fascist fucking traitor to America. FUCK YOU.

The Horrifying thought that keeps coming back to me.....It will be called "Americanism"

Doturd so wants to be just like his hero, Putin, that he (with willing, compromised, and traitorous Republicans) will advance a Fascist Dictatorship to America.
Beware. With a Democratic takeover of the House in 36 days, how soon after could Martial Law be declared?

This has been a long time coming for Republicans.

Excellent article about the underpinnings of what we are witnessing today:


This November, vote like your life depends on it....because it does.

Kanye West - American Idiot


Whatever BLACKMAIL the Russians have on Lindsey Graham..

must be some POWERFUL SHIT.

Because his performance this afternoon was nothing short of treason. PERIOD.

Yes, Lindsey, you and the Repuke party want a FASCIST DICTATORSHIP.

But rest assured, buttercup, whatever the Ruskies are BLACKMAILING you with...will eventually be known. IT WILL SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY.

Your performance today was DISGUSTING.


Regardless of the allegations of perjury and sexual assault (And I WILL NOT DIMINISH EITHER)

This clown does not have the TEMPERAMENT to serve as a judge ANYWHERE.


He could have stayed in NYC scamming contractors and laundering Russian illegal monies..

Yet he thought he could "do better" as the fucking President???

What the fuck is wrong with this imbecile....

I scratch my head thinking why anyone would want the FOCUS turned on their illegal activities.
Either he is the most arrogant, narcissistic, ego maniac ever, or the dumbest motherfucker in recorded history.

I know, maybe he's both........SMH
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