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Member since: Fri Nov 27, 2015, 07:45 PM
Number of posts: 3,083

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Nixon's phone call to Armstrong and Aldrin on the moon 7/20/1969

Was Presidential eloquence in how a statesman marks a human changing event. I was no fan of Nixon, but his spoken words on that occasion were intelligent, appropriate, and possessed the correct amount of humility as well as pride for such an occasion.

Is there ANY DOUBT that if something like that happened today, the IMBECILIC FUCKING MORON JERK OFF ILLEGALLY OCCUPYING the WH today would make it ALL ABOUT HIM??!?!?!?

My thumbnail veiw of the first debate (so far)

Only 2 candidates answered this question correctly:
"Whats the most consequential threat to the US right now?"
Jay Inslee said "Donald Trump" and de Blasio said "Russia".
BOTH were EXACTLY correct. All the others said polit-speak blah blah blah...
Also...IMHO.....Tulsi Gabbard is an asshole.
Just another Jill Stein waste of space.

Trump thinks wind turbines cause cancer....


Fucking delusional....

I don't give a shit what anybody says about AOC...

But she is a fucking GEM!!

I've never in my political lifetime (I remember my mother crying when JFK was assassinated ..)come across a more competent, realistic genuine citizen representative. This individual strikes me as someone who is truly engaged as what someone who the founders envisioned as a representative in the House.

Just compare her 1 month in office to the YEARS of scumbags like Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Jason Chavez, Devon Nunez, Louie Gohmert, etc, etc., etc., etc., ad infinitum. And my wonderful congressman, member of the House Fascist Caucus, Andy Biggs, ALL Moronic Trump boot lickers with ZERO self respect, zero respect for the constitution. Zero respect for the rule of law. TRAITORS EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM.

AOC kicks all of their collective ass.

I, as a middle aged white guy, will do everything in my power to elect her President (when she's old enough..)

I will actively campaign for her. If possible, I would like to join her administration.

She is the future of America. And it delights me to no end that the Repukes are ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIED of her...

You go girl!!

Russia to target US with missiles


Go ahead, Putin, fire away.

Your stooge in the White House won't retaliate.

I've fixed the title of Andrew McCabe's new book.

It was titled "The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump"

It should now read" The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror BY Trump"

Someone gave me a heart!!

Thank you so much, whoever. Sometimes it's hard to feel welcome here at DU. I'm feeling a little better about it right now.

Pelosi and Schumer lost an opportunity today..

When Don the Dotard started spouting off about taking responsibility for a shutdown due to his "wall".

They should have immediately said "Oh, so you've secured funding from Mexico??"

Dotart, "well, no"..

S/P, "But you said said repeatedly that Mexico would fund it!!!"

Dotart, "buh, buh, well, ah em"..

S/P, "So you want Senior Citizens to give up their Social Security payments in order to fund the wall you said Mexico would pay for???"
You INSIST our soldiers and their families STARVE in order to get your idiotic wall??? "
Go ahead, you fucking anti-American Russian stooge SCUMBAG. TELL THEM THAT.

So go ahead, ASSHOLE. Tell the American people they have to suffer because of your stupidity...

Go ahead, IMBECILE. Tell them.

Dear Donald Trump.. (re: Chief of Staff)

I hate your fucking guts.
I despise you beyond anything I've ever hated before.
You are a fucking moron. An imbecile. A fucking traitor.
You are a criminal scumbag with absolutely NO redeeming qualities.

That being said, now that your first choice for Chief of Staff has turned you down.. (see above), I will happily place my name in the running for your next CoS.

Upon my selection, I will work diligently to ensure your smooth transition to the next phase of your career, despite the negative ramifications on my own reputation that may occur.

I will somberly walk you out to your motorcade and escort you to a place where I will (sadly) .......


Why is there no discussion of Kushner??

Didn't Kushner, after getting a security clearance, travel to Saudi Arabia for meetings with Mohammed Bone Saw?

And immediately afterwards, Mr Bone Saw PURGED out the entire opposition in his way in the kingdom? Using US intelligence??

I'm sorry, but that could be construed as treason. Nobody's talking about it because the mountain of SHIT STORM coming out hourly from Doturd.

The list of traitors to America is VERY LONG. We must be vigilant. Do not forget any of these criminals. Our nation's survival depends on it.
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