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Member since: Fri Nov 27, 2015, 08:45 PM
Number of posts: 5,111

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I just watched Devin Nunes opening statement

What a fucking lying, traitorous, Un-American, hypocritical, ASSHOLE.

Lie after lie after hypocritical LIE.

When will the Treasonous Repukes learn?

That Doturd will DESTROY their party, rather than build it???

In honor of my 1000th post here at DU, I would like to talk about my personal heroes

My Personal Heroes
There are others, but these stand out in my mind.
(in no particular order)

FDR: His policies, in getting us out of the disaster of the depression caused by Republican supply side economics, was an incredible achievement. His speeches daring the ruling class to challenge him were awe inspiring. Oh, and that little matter defeating fascism was pretty brave as well.

Neil Armstrong: The greatest scientific achievement in human history. While he was the first, I think of all of the Apollo astronauts and the courage it took to even go to the moon. On top of a 6.5 M pound controlled explosion, traveling farther into space than any other humans, then landing on the moon in essentially an aluminum can. These men had more courage in their fingernail clippings than the entire tonnage of moon landing deniers and flat earthers COMBINED.

Christopher Hitchens: His writings, his speeches, his debates. Such a brilliant mind. He inspired me to pursue a lifetime of skeptical questioning of long held dogmatic beliefs in our society. A true genius whose work “God is Not Great” will go down in history as one of the great works of literature.

Albert Einstein: Speaking of genius, his work in physics, while hard to understand sometimes, is a true exercise of critical thinking. I had to really work at understanding General and Special Relativity, but it was well worth the undertaking. His effect on our civilization is immeasurable.

Bobby Orr: The greatest hockey player who ever lived. Watching him as a kid inspired me to take up the game and play well beyond high school years. He cemented my lifelong love of the game.

Carl Sagan and Neil Degrasse Tyson: Two of the greatest science communicators of our time. Professor Sagan inspired an entire generation with his Cosmos series. Dr. Tyson has picked up the torch and continued that inspiration through brilliant communication of complex science to average folks.

Barack Obama: In the face of withering criticism and insults, he maintained a grace and dignity seldom seen in our political leaders. But I was most impressed with his intellect. I NEVER want to “have a beer” with the President. I want my president to be way smarter and much more experienced at government than me. Completely opposite of the traitorous imbecile currently “occupying” the WH today.

Hillary Clinton: In the face of 30 fucking years of unending bashing, she displayed a level of dignity, grace, and fortitude not matched by any man I know. How she put up with so much BS and didn't call it quits I'll never know. A truly remarkable person. I donated to her, I campaigned for her, and I VOTED FOR HER. She is my President, not the Russian stooge illegitimately occupying the WH now.

Abraham Lincoln: About the only Republican I could give 2 shits about. Well, not really….His leadership during the most existential crisis in American history was a remarkable achievement. His Gettysburg address will stand for all time as a testament to his greatness as a leader during the most troubling of circumstances. Truly awe-inspiring. (The only other Republican I could 2 shits for was Teddy Roosevelt, who through his tireless efforts on establishing our national park system, preserved for all eternity the beauty of our nation. It’s CRIMINAL that the fuckwit in the WH right now is hell bent on destroying that legacy)

Elijah Cummings: I can’t possibly say anything that will add to the stature of this civil rights hero. His devotion to this country, it’s people, and especially the Constitution and the rule of law will never be forgotten. At a time when we are cynical of our politician’s motives and behaviors, Rep Cummings always displayed the grace and dignity of a true American patriot. Other than Lincoln, I cannot say the same for ANY OTHER Republican I have ever encountered.

Rosa Parks: For giving a giant middle finger to the establishment. She was a badass!!!

Dr Oz is officially a QUACK

Just turned on the TV to watch the Yankee game, stumbled on Oz's show, and his guest was DEEPAK CHOPRA.

Probably selling some more idiotic NONSENSE that he's been peddling for years. Yup, his latest book for rubes.
How anyone still watches Oz after he ADMITTED UNDER OATH the shit he peddles is crap. Now, he has on the biggest bullshitter of WOO in human history, Chopra.

PT Barnum was right on the money....

Nixon's phone call to Armstrong and Aldrin on the moon 7/20/1969

Was Presidential eloquence in how a statesman marks a human changing event. I was no fan of Nixon, but his spoken words on that occasion were intelligent, appropriate, and possessed the correct amount of humility as well as pride for such an occasion.

Is there ANY DOUBT that if something like that happened today, the IMBECILIC FUCKING MORON JERK OFF ILLEGALLY OCCUPYING the WH today would make it ALL ABOUT HIM??!?!?!?

My thumbnail veiw of the first debate (so far)

Only 2 candidates answered this question correctly:
"Whats the most consequential threat to the US right now?"
Jay Inslee said "Donald Trump" and de Blasio said "Russia".
BOTH were EXACTLY correct. All the others said polit-speak blah blah blah...
Also...IMHO.....Tulsi Gabbard is an asshole.
Just another Jill Stein waste of space.

Trump thinks wind turbines cause cancer....


Fucking delusional....

I don't give a shit what anybody says about AOC...

But she is a fucking GEM!!

I've never in my political lifetime (I remember my mother crying when JFK was assassinated ..)come across a more competent, realistic genuine citizen representative. This individual strikes me as someone who is truly engaged as what someone who the founders envisioned as a representative in the House.

Just compare her 1 month in office to the YEARS of scumbags like Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Jason Chavez, Devon Nunez, Louie Gohmert, etc, etc., etc., etc., ad infinitum. And my wonderful congressman, member of the House Fascist Caucus, Andy Biggs, ALL Moronic Trump boot lickers with ZERO self respect, zero respect for the constitution. Zero respect for the rule of law. TRAITORS EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM.

AOC kicks all of their collective ass.

I, as a middle aged white guy, will do everything in my power to elect her President (when she's old enough..)

I will actively campaign for her. If possible, I would like to join her administration.

She is the future of America. And it delights me to no end that the Repukes are ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIED of her...

You go girl!!

Russia to target US with missiles


Go ahead, Putin, fire away.

Your stooge in the White House won't retaliate.

I've fixed the title of Andrew McCabe's new book.

It was titled "The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump"

It should now read" The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror BY Trump"
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