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Member since: Fri Nov 27, 2015, 08:45 PM
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I don't give a shit what anybody says about AOC...

But she is a fucking GEM!!

I've never in my political lifetime (I remember my mother crying when JFK was assassinated ..)come across a more competent, realistic genuine citizen representative. This individual strikes me as someone who is truly engaged as what someone who the founders envisioned as a representative in the House.

Just compare her 1 month in office to the YEARS of scumbags like Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Jason Chavez, Devon Nunez, Louie Gohmert, etc, etc., etc., etc., ad infinitum. And my wonderful congressman, member of the House Fascist Caucus, Andy Biggs, ALL Moronic Trump boot lickers with ZERO self respect, zero respect for the constitution. Zero respect for the rule of law. TRAITORS EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM.

AOC kicks all of their collective ass.

I, as a middle aged white guy, will do everything in my power to elect her President (when she's old enough..)

I will actively campaign for her. If possible, I would like to join her administration.

She is the future of America. And it delights me to no end that the Repukes are ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIED of her...

You go girl!!
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