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Member since: Fri Nov 27, 2015, 08:45 PM
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When Bush Sr spoke of this, I thought it was somewhat stupid, and a clumsy attempt at lofty rhetoric.

I've now realized it has come full circle and the idea was quite prescient.

The "New World Order" that Republicans dreamed of back then is coming to fruition now with today's Republican party.
It is the order of Putin. A New World Order owned and commanded by the Russian fascists who OWN the Republican party.

The New World Order will be run by Putin and his inner circle of oligarchs. The United States will cease to exist as a functioning democracy in a short time. As will the rest of the western democracies. We will return to the feudalism of the 12th century.

I probably won't live long enough to experience the horrors of this world, but I sure am saddened for my children. As I've said many times to my son, human beings think they are so advanced, but as a society we are COMPLETELY unevolved....
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