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AZ8theist's Journal
AZ8theist's Journal
June 20, 2021

We're putting my sweet little girl down today....

Our rescue mutt we got from the shelter for my son when he was little.
She's the sweetest, most loving dog anyone could ask for... Unfortunately, she can no longer stand up and walk on her own without extreme difficulty.
The day she came home, she attached herself to me since, I suppose, I'm the "alpha male" of the household. She followed me everywhere all the time. We taught her tricks. She used to love diving in the pool and chasing a tennis ball at the dog park. Watching her decline over the last few months has been heart breaking. I can't stand the thought of letting her go.

I'm off to the store right now to buy her a filet mignon and some bacon. I will sadly cook her last meal with that. Angel care will be here tonight to administer her peaceful demise. Some "Fathers Day".....

I'm a big strong ex-hockey player who can't see through the tears right now. This life sucks.

June 5, 2021

My Pillow Moron's law firm just dumped him....

And fired the lawyer who filed the suit:


(Firm's statement at Law.com, but behind a paywall)

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