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Hometown: gulfcoast
Home country: US
Current location: Florida
Member since: Tue Dec 1, 2015, 08:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,888

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While Nancy rightly gets most of the credit. Don't forget Chuck's most valuable contribution.

He got trump to claim full credit for the shut down on TV while Republicans still were in control.

That set a narrative trump could never shake. And will last thru the rest of his term.

Of course I doubt he could have goaded trump into it were Future Speaker Pelosi not sitting there scaring the shit of trump.

It was the greatest political one upsmanship I have ever seen. And showed trump for the idiot he is.

I think an emergency declaration is forthcoming.

Because he has no other way out.

The vote in the Senate today with the Democratic proposal getting more votes than his plan was the final straw. A majority in both houses support his opponent’s plan.

The business lobby must be deluging republican Senators with complaints and he governs by polls as much as hate. And his are tanking.

Of course he know it will be tied up in court till a Democratic President rescinds it. But he hopes it will mollify his base.

His f’ing Wall was never going to get built. But the rubes believe it.

Could the High School Kids from KY change History?

Often times society and history is changed by the most unlikely, random actions. Kind of like the "Sir, Have you no shame" comment during the Red Scare period when McCarthy was finally called to task.

This whole episode of the hateful kids seems to be catching fire. I say this because I just got off the phone with my 80 something year old mother who voted for Trump. She was horrified by the whole episode. And she was so confused, because how could 'good christian boys do such a thing". I do not argue with nor disrespect my mother as she is over 80 and was and remains a great mother. It is just not done in my household. So all I said when she made here comment was "Mother, the answer is the hat they were wearing".

Her response was simple. She said "I'm afraid you might be right". Unless you have a Southern mother over 80 you do not understand who much is implied in that simple statement.

We have now seen our "kid's brains on Trump". And it was, and is ugly.

Here's what we offer for 5 Billion for the wall...which will never really be built

Enshrine DACA in law, not a presidential order. With the legally enshrined pathway to gain full Citizenship.

Because, remember, 1.5 years ago, this was our main goal and we owe it to the kids. But they will reject that offer.

Because his base hates DACA. They want those brown kids deported.

On the off chance they accept, we get what we wanted all along, and the house can easily kill funding any year in future.

But they will not take the deal. So it totally strips away the whole boarder security excuse and leaves nothing but racism.

A huge majority of Americans support the DACA kids. If we position the republicans into rejecting an offer to get the wall and solving the DACA kids problem, we win.

We should not let the wall drive our thinking the same way it does his base. We should use their obsession to our advantage.

Remind me why we need new leadership in the house?

Not even a week in and the house is already doing the following:

About to pass meaningful gun control legislation that 95% of Americans support and will get to watch the republicans kill.

Have a meaningful debate on Medicare for all(Which I do not support as a way to Universal Healthcare but a debate we need) and will strongly imprint our support for reasonable healthcare for all Americans. Not that we need more. We own the issue.

Telling Donnie FU on a his wall.

Getting the oversight cranked into gear starting with providing Mueller all the transcripts which will probably show perjury and perhaps collusion in that perjury with republican members of congress.

Making Climate Change priority again.

I am glad that Nancy has agreed to limit her time to 4 years and I suspect that if we win the presidency she will resign in 2020. And that is very good because we need to allow our very strong bench of youngsters to grow into their potential and gain leadership

But good god, am I glad we have the experienced leadership we have today.

A prediction on the DU 2020 favorite a year from now.

Adam Schiff.

Never mind his interviews, his tweets alone tell us he is seething with righteous indignation.

He is a former prosecutor who has watched this crook for 2 years and been impotent to actually do anything about it.

A year of watching him bring the trump crime cartel to its knees will make him the most popular man in America. The dude is already talking about Money Laundering for gods sake.

Not saying I support him or that he has any interest, but he will be the man a year from now.

The United States holds all the aces with Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia must have something big on Trump.

If we cut off all military support for SA, which the House should vote to do in January, they would have almost no leverage against us. Their military would grind to a halt without spare parts and technical support. And turn to the Russians or Chinese as trump says they would do? They would have to start over as their crap is totally incompatible with our technology.

And oil? They supply 11% of our oil and besides, oil is sold on the open market and we have huge new sources coming on line or waiting for a slight increase in price to do so. It is not 1973. From a climate change stand point it is all Screwed to hell and back. But those are the facts.

We put the screws to them and they would have a new ‘king’ in 6 months. Or would be rapidly collapsing. Why we favor them over Iran, which is a true threat, does not make sense to me.

It is so apparent that the leverage they have is not on the United States, but Trump. While I want the Russian inquiries to continue, I believe trump is equally as compromised to the Saudis. That whole hands on the glowing orb thing says it all.

The Democratic Party needs to pound this message home. Even some on the right are troubled by our total capitulation to them on the murder issue.

These Avenatti post have got to be trolling!

I just do not do OPs because I don't normally have anything that I think is of value. But all the post about this guy for the last 6 months is really pissing me off.

So this dude represents a porn star that Donald Trump fucked. And then in public defense of his client he goes on a twitter war with Trump and all the talking heads have him on because, you know, Porn Star. And he loves the publicity as defense lawyer do, for good reason.

So now he is representative of the Democratic Party? Total Bullshit.

I can't believe there are still so many post about him on DU, and even people here talking about him as a Democratic candidate for president? It boggles the mind.

Meanwhile, we have real public servants like Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Marcia Fudge and so many more fighting to right this totally fucked ship of state?

I for one will fight against the attempt to turn DU into a reality TV talking platform. I am going to post a version of this post on every Avenatti OP that my time allows.

I love DU because it is a group of serious thinkers talking about serious subjects.

Stop talking about this clown.

New experience voting this evening.

I do not do OPs and as a whole and generally distrust anecdotal threads.

But voting this evening was encouraging. I live in a very white and republican county in Florida, Lake to be specific. Although Democratic and Independent voters combined outweigh republicans.

There were probably 50-70 people voting and the vast majority were not white. And there were lots of multi-generational families voting including lots of young folks which is refreshing.

The main difference was that when early voting in 2016 it seemed like half the place was wearing red. Not today. A sea of blue, myself included. No one was talking but lots of eye contact acknowledgement.

Living in Florida I have learned to temper my enthusiasm but I am actually starting to believe we can do this.

Take it for what’s its worth. One mans experience.

Looking like hookers? Please expound on your train of thought?

My 57 year old wife is still hot. She often wears short shirts. And since Florida is hot often goes without a bra while wearing a blouse.

Looking like hookers for ‘tempting’ weak men who do not see women as equals? And so she wants to show off her body. It is nice. Got a problem with that?

Fuck that shit and your misogynistic outlook.

You are on the wrong site. Why does the female body bother you more than the male?

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