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Hometown: gulfcoast
Home country: US
Current location: Florida
Member since: Tue Dec 1, 2015, 08:00 PM
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So when do we cut out the anti vaccine idiots and start living our regular lives?

I have a science education and have always looked to data to drive my decisions. Which is why until the the wife and I were fully vaccinated we were super careful.

The numbers are starting to stack up. 100 million Americans vaccinated. Less than 10,000 Covid cases among them. Less than 150 deaths. Admittedly there are probably more who have it with no symptoms because vaccinated people are not really tested.

But if you are vaccinated and still afraid of going into public, you really should not drive on our roads. Because your chance of getting into a wreck or dying is way greater than you even getting Covid, much less dying from it. Way more likely.

Unless a new variant proves resistant to the vaccines, which obviously none currently are since we have them all in the US, once all Americans who want the vaccine have it I am done with masks and distancing. Until then I will continue to mask up and be separated. Which is really Kabuli theater since my risk is almost nonexistent. But Iíll be a team player.

The reason I made this post is political. If our Democratic leaders try to keep restrictions past the point where everyone, mainstream liberals, independents and covid conserved conservatives realize they are just being risk adverse it will damage us in future elections.

We all know conservatives, older, white evangelicals will never get the vaccine. And will keep dying from the virus. Fuck if I care.

I want to stress Iím still masking up, still distancing. But once no one is showing up to get the jab, Iím done.

Knew today would bring relief. Did not to expect to feel emotional. Because my wife is now safe.

Like many people my main fear was not getting Covid myself but giving to the wife and having her become sick or even die. She is over 60.

Well today is the day we can feel sure her vaccine is fully kicked in. Iíve been feeling a huge amount of stress leave my body.

And of course we will still keep following all the practices we have followed for a year. But not being worried sick about her is the best thing in my life in a year. Better than when I get my second jab tomorrow by a long shot.

Got my first shot from a soldier in the 101st Airborne!

Floridaís COVID distribution plan, a term I use generously, is a cluster. Depending on various grocery stores with each managing their own appointment sites with unsteady resupply and poor communication.

So after spending a few hours trying to work it out and get an appointment I said screw it and drove 30 minutes into west Orlando to one of the FEMA sites. And I witnessed how a competent government handles vaccine distribution in a pandemic.

Showed my Dr.ís script to a nurse and was directed into line. I figured there were 200-300 hundred folks in front of me. The line moved toward a series of tents and I saw what I thought were National Guard doing crowd management. Once I got near the first tent I noticed the screaming eagle on the left shoulder and commented to the man in front of me and the lady behind me(properly spaced) that these are Airborne troops, not national guard! The lady behind me was a Canadian National living in Orlando so I had to explain the difference and gave her a brief rundown of the 101st. I was overheard by one of the Soldiers who committed to his buddy that someone recognized them for what they are and he asked me how I knew. Of course the 101st might be the most famous and well known Division in the US army, but I just told him I recognized his patch. As a walk away he gave an ďAir AssaultĒ yell. They all looked like kids! .

Anyway registration and confirming my script was done quickly in 2 other tents then into the vaccination tent where they must have been 30 vaccination stations. After one more confirmation of my identity a young private named Torres gave me my shot. He is from California originally and they shipped down from Ft Campbell in Kentucky to set up and staff the site. Said they were staying in a local hotel.

Finally to another tent for my 15 minutes of observation and on my way home.

Total time truck to truck: 50 minutes!

That is how you get it done! Sites like these should have been replanned and ready to go all around the country when the vaccine began to become available.

My experience today it what good leadership looks like.

My wife is qualified on Monday and we are going early in the morning an hour before they open. The first 500 shots each day are J&J and I want her to get it. I was later and got Pfizer.

So I have a moral dilemma. Advice welcomed .

I had my physical today. Iím 54 and have lost almost 30 pounds in the last 14 months. Diet change and more exercise.

Anyway, the nurse asked me if I plan on getting the Covid vaccine. I told her I would drive to Jacksonville right now to get it(3 hours away). I was kidding but I would do it.

Apparently because Iím technically obese and have hypertension I qualify under our Governorís new order allowing those under 65 with co-morbidities to get the vaccine. I have hypertension but medication keeps it below 130/80. So not horrible. And Iím 5í11Ē and 220 but very big boned. No one would call me fat, just real stocky and muscular. So my Doctor gave me a signed letter allowing me to be vaccinated.

The only reason Iím considering it is the wife. She is over 60, working everyday(Iím still furloughed) and Iím worried about her.

If it were just me I would put the letter aside. But now Iím torn with concerned for the wife. I would welcome input.

The wife wore her pearls to work today!

Last night we saw a news article interviewing 2 of Kamalaís sorority sister. Apparently wearing pearls is a thing for them, showing class and dignity. As older white folks we had no clue.

We never discussed it and my wife is pretty non political compared to me. And keeps her feelings to herself, unlike me!

I was pleasantly surprised when she came out of the bedroom to go to work, as she seldom wears pearls.

I never said a word but I now know that as a 60 year old female she was moved finally having a female in such a high position.

Made my morning.

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