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Member since: Tue Dec 8, 2015, 04:23 PM
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Will "Pro-Lifers" Be At The Marches For Our Lives?


Split the country in two and be done with it

Rightwingers can have the entire South. In a few decades it'll be barely livable due to global warming, but since they don't believe in it, we can easily convince them to move. Unfortunately they won't be able to easily migrate north later because of the wall they would likely end up building to protect their sacred society from liberals.

They can stew in their own shit -- i.e. the fundamentalist, "small government" utopia they've always dreamed of.

Frame the NRA as supporters of domestic terrorism

If you repeat something enough, people will start slowly warming up to it at a subconscious level no matter how much they disagree with it. For example, we all seem to be ok with the phrase "tax relief" nowadays as if all taxes are some sort of affliction -- thank Republican think tanks for that one. Or the pleasant-sounding "climate change" instead of the scarier "global warming." Or "pro-life." The list goes on. See George Lakoff's writings for more on this phenomenon.

Just as Republicans have successfully reframed issues over the years using carefully selected words and phrases, we must use the same strategy and associate the NRA with domestic terrorism.

Whenever you say or write NRA, follow it up with "supporter of domestic terrorism," and repeat it as often as you can.
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