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Profile Information

Name: Maria Hond
Gender: Female
Hometown: Chicago
Home country: USA
Current location: Chicago
Member since: Fri Dec 11, 2015, 01:19 PM
Number of posts: 2,495

Journal Archives

Hillary's email problem

This email problem has been overblown to hurt Hillary - mostly by the desparate republicans who probably held a focus session and decided that this was a way to bring her popularity down.

How do I know this?

Logically, what is the accusation? She had a private email server set up? Most other politicians have done the same thing. Her emails are around if anyone wants to retrieve them - as evidenced by the fact that the emails are being found (this is like the bullshit bush arguments that Hussein was very powerful but we could destroy him in a day).

Nothing has been reported about any wrongdoing in the emails themselves. If she wanted to do something, I think she was rich enough (you know from her speaking fees) to buy her own private smart phone.

British Muslim girls being forced into marriage via internet

Source: The Times of India

ONDON: Minor Muslim girls in the UK as young as 11 are being forced to marry men living abroad via the internet notwithstanding a ban on forced marriage in the country.

Imams in the UK and abroad have been conducting ceremonies using Skype -- so girls can be married remotely before "being put on a plane and consummating the marriage at the earliest opportunity", according to Freedom, a charity.

The marriage is often conducted with the promise of a visa to the UK for their new husband, it said.

"The reason is to curb the behaviour of their children when they become 'too western'," charity founder Aneeta Prem was quoted as saying by 'The Sunday Times'.

"Once married, there is enormous pressure to get a spouse visa. The hope is the girl will visit (country of husband's origin) and fall pregnant to make the union seem more legitimate before bringing the partner back," she said.

In one case, an 11-year-old home-educated girl from London was married on Skype to a 25-year-old man in Bangladesh.

She contacted Freedom in November after reading a book about forced marriage that her older brother was given at school.

"She hadn't understood at the time but later realised the Skype call was a marriage ceremony. The plan was for her to meet her 'husband' at a later date and hopefully fall pregnant.

In the meantime, she was at home learning to cook and clean," said Prem, the author of 'But It's Not Fair' - an account of forced marriage.

Read more: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/europe/British-Muslim-girls-being-forced-into-marriage-via-internet/articleshow/51179212.cms

Al-Shabab suicide bomber and gunmen storm Mogadishu hotel, killing at least 9

Source: The National Post

MOGADISHU, Somalia — Al-Shabab gunmen forced their way into a hotel in the Somali capital on Friday night, exchanging fire with hotel guards and leaving 14 dead before government security forces ended the attack, a police official said. Five militants and at least nine civilians were reported killed.

A suicide bomber rammed his car into the SYL hotel’s entrance in Mogadishu and blew it up, allowing gunmen to materialize and fight their way past hotel guards at the first security barrier, said Capt. Mohamed Hussein. Four gunmen and the suicide bomber were killed, he said, adding that the attackers did not get past the last security checkpoint.

In addition, at least nine dead bodies of civilians could be seen outside the hotel, Hussein said.

The Islamic extremist group Al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the attack.

Read more: http://news.nationalpost.com/news/world/suicide-bomber-and-gunmen-from-al-shabab-storm-mogadishu-hotel-across-from-presidential-palace

Pak military trains IS in Afghanistan: Ex-IS man

Source: Times of India

KABUL: Pakistan's military provides weapons and training to ISIS militants in Afghanistan and instructs them to kill the "infidel" Afghan forces, according to the terror group's fighters who laid down their arms.

They also said that Pakistani military provides light and heavy weapons to ISIS fighters in Afghanistan.

"Pakistani military gave us weapons and used to tell us that Afghan forces are infidels and you must kill them," Zaitoon, a former ISIS fighter who laid down his arms and joined the peace talks, was quoted as saying by the TOLO news on Wednesday.

Read more: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/pakistan/Pak-military-trains-IS-in-Afghanistan-Ex-IS-man/articleshow/51140969.cms

Bernie Supporter Fabricates Chicago Teacher Endorsement

There is a top of the rec list diary touting Bernie receiving the endorsement of Chicago Teachers yesterday. From what I can determine, this is at best a deception and most likely a very dirty political trick. In Chicago, an organization called CORE, the Caucus of Rank-and-File Educators formed as a group within the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) to wrest power from the then Union leaders. They succeeded and placed Karen Lewis as the head of the union. The CTU has not made an independent endorsement in the Democratic Primary, but is part of the AFT which endorsed Clinton last fall

Since the objective of gaining control of the CTU was accomplished some years ago, CORE has evolved into a sleepy advocacy organization for CTU and CPU policies. Anyone is allowed to join. On Feb 22 they held a regular monthly meeting. Some 80 people showed up. At the end of the meeting apparently some Sanders supporters demanded a vote on political endorsement in the primary. One of those present filed a story at an online newspaper announcing a vote had been held and the majority voted to endorse Bernie Sanders. The organization does not report this on its website or twitter feed.

At best this appears to be an effort by a handful of Bernie Supporters to manipulate a legitimate organization into making an improper endorsement. At worst, the “vote” was out of order or never happened and this is an outright fraud. No nonprofit organization would ever make such an endorsement without polling its members or scheduling the vote in advance, in the course of ordinary business at a monthly meeting,


As soldiers fought terrorists, mosques nearby hailed mujahid

Source: Time of India

A large swathe around the Pampore encounter site resounded with praise for 'mujahid' (holy warriors) from loudspeakers as Indian security forces fought terrorists holed up in a building for three days.

Mosques in localities like Frestabal, Drangbal, Kadlabal and Sempora played recordings throughout Monday eulogising the terrorists. Slogans like ' Jaago, jaago subah hui' besides pro-Pakistan ( Jivey, jivey Pakistan!) and pro-Azadi (' Hum kya chahatey: azadi') blared from the mosques' loudspeakers.

Read more: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/As-soldiers-fought-terrorists-mosques-nearby-hailed-mujahid/articleshow/51098979.cms?utm_source=TOInewHP_TILwidget&utm_medium=ABtest&utm_campaign=TOInewHP

ISIS 'beheads teenage boys for listening to pop music and missing Friday prayers'

Source: Times of India

The ISIS jihadist group has reportedly beheaded a teenage boy for listening to pop music and shot dead two others for missing Friday prayers, as part of a crackdown on personal freedoms in the group's Iraqi stronghold of Mosul.

The incidents, reported by Kurdish media, come with enemy forces lined up within miles of Mosul and with the group having suffered repeated military setbacks across Iraq.

According to ARA News, a 15-year-old boy named Ayham Hussein was caught during a patrol by Isis fighters, listening to music in his father's grocery store.

A spokesman for the Kurdish Nineveh media center was quoted by ARA News as saying the boy was listening to "Western music". "He was referred to the Sharia Court, which issued a decision to execute him."

The boy was reportedly publicly beheaded, before his body was handed to his family on Tuesday evening.

Read more: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/middle-east/ISIS-beheads-teenage-boys-for-listening-to-pop-music-and-missing-Friday-prayers/articleshow/51051116.cms

We the US have become Dummified

Democrats, Republicans, Independents alike have been dummified. It took a loudmouth like Trump to speak the truth openly. Bush did not keep us safe on 911. We invaded the wrong country. And here is the key. Trump said everyone knew there were no weapons of mass destruction - we were lied to by the bush regime. Trump being the idiot he is then of course going off the deep end on everything else.

But where are our leaders and our friends in the media? Why do they let republicans get away with lies all the time.

Now with the Supreme court battle. Does anyone believe if the situation was reversed, republicans would sit quietly? They would be out for our blood, and we'd cave and accept another scalia like imbecile on scotus on the last day of a republican presidency.

it took trump to speak the truth to republican liars. Where are our balls?

Nadia Murad: Yazidi survivor kept as ISIS sex slave describes moment her family was massacred

Source: Times of India

Yazidi woman who was kept as a sex slave for three months by ISIS has described the moment her family was massacred.

Nadia Murad, 21, is in the UK campaigning to build solidarity with victims of violence in Iraq and unite the world against ISIS.

Speaking at Trade Union Congress House in central London, she described how ISIS fighters killed six of her brothers and her mother. "When I speak I didn't speak just on my behalf, but on behalf of all the women and children affected in the war zone," she said, according to The Mirror.

"Two months have passed since I have been campaigning and people have been happy, not just Yazidis, about this message. About 5,800 Yazidi women and children were captured by the so-called Islamic State. They have killed many people in Iraq and Syria and displaced millions," Murad said.

"For us, the Yazidis, they killed the men and took the women and children. They were committing all kinds; murder, rape and displacing people by force in the name of Islam. Many people may think my story is difficult, but many more had more difficult than mine," Murad further said.

"They killed six of my brothers, but there are families that have lost 10 brothers."

Murad went on to say there are still around 3,400 women in the hands of ISIS.

Read more: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/middle-east/Nadia-Murad-Yazidi-survivor-kept-as-ISIS-sex-slave-describes-moment-her-family-was-massacred/articleshow/51004636.cms

Twin Suicide Bombings Kill More Than 60 In Nigerian Refugee Camp

Source: Huffington Post

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (Reuters) - Two female suicide bombers killed more than 60 people at a camp for people displaced by an insurgency of the jihadist Boko Haram group in the northeast Nigerian town of Dikwa, military and emergency officials said on Wednesday.

The attack occurred 85 km (50 miles) outside the capital of Borno state, centre of the seven-year insurgency, they said. It took place on Tuesday, but a breakdown in the telephone system prevented the incident being made public earlier.

The two female suicide bombers sneaked into an internally displaced persons (IDP) camp and detonated themselves in the middle of it, emergency officials and the military source said.

The chairman of the State Emergency Management Agency, Satomi Ahmad, added that 78 people were injured.

No group claimed responsibility but the attack bore the hallmarks of Boko Haram, which has frequently used female bombers and even children to hit targets.

The militant group has recently increased the frequency and deadliness of attacks with three at the end of January. At least 65 people were killed outside Borno state capital Maiduguri on Jan. 31.

Since it lost territory to a government counter-offensive last year, Boko Haram has reverted to hit-and-run attacks on villages and suicide bombings at places of worship or markets.

Boko Haram has only rarely targeted camps housing people displaced by the conflict and Tuesday's attack was the first one to kill victims in Borno state.

The military said militants made one abortive attempt on a camp on the outskirts of Maiduguri on Jan. 31. Boko Haram hit a Nigerian IDP camp for the first time last September, in the Adamawa state capital of Yola.

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/twin-suicide-bombings-kill-more-than-60-in-nigerian-refugee-camp_us_56bb8415e4b0b40245c500ca?ir=Canada§ion=ca_canada&utm_hp_ref=canada
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