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Profile Information

Name: Elessiana
Gender: Female
Member since: Sun Jan 3, 2016, 05:47 PM
Number of posts: 62

Journal Archives

Spring Thick

In the afternoon, I went to the mountain, took some photos about flowers. They show beauty looking and seem to tell me :"The spring is coming again."

a close-up of small daisy

white and pink apple blossom

The flowers and fruits of dandelions

From these beautiful flowers and alternation of four seasons, I felt the Godís wondrous deeds of governing all things, I'd like to share a hymn video with you.

Would you share something with me?

Which puppy should I keep?

If I want to keep a puppy, which type in the following should I buy? I have no idea, could you help me to make a decision? The puppy which one has the most votes, and I'll intend to keep it.

Watery eyes.

Ah, I'm so sleepy !

Hey, what are you looking at?

This puppy is unhappy, isn't it? Hey, what's the matter with you? If I support you, I'll take good care of you and won't let you sad.

Unknown fruit

Today, I walked in the park. On the road, I saw a kind of fruit. But I've never seen them before, have you ever seen them? could you tell me the name of this fruit?

Thanks a lot!

The First Photo I Shared.

I worked in graphic design before, I designed the pattern then put it on clothes, it's made of Flowers, USA Statue of Liberty and Words etc. Not perfect, but I would share it with you. I expect you to give your opinion.


I'm new here, but I like this forum, because I think it's full of energy. So I want to share my posts that I saw,I listened and my real thoughts in every day to this forum. And my hobbies are wide-ranging, like studying language, Learning computer technology, taking photos, traveling, sports and so on.
Here I would like to make more good-natured friends.
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