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Profile Information

Name: Michelle AbdusShakur
Gender: Female
Hometown: Brooklyn
Home country: United States
Current location: United States
Member since: Sun Jan 24, 2016, 10:05 PM
Number of posts: 228

About Me

Transgender woman of color who wants to live in a world where schools and libraries have enough money and the Defense department requires yearly bake sales to update their missiles.

Journal Archives

And often dead naming ximea to play

The media will dead name a transgender person by using their birth name rather than the bane they used in their lifetime.

Thank you

I feed my cats several times in the day with small amounts of food after reading about how the cycle of pounce stalk eat comes to play.

Mine too!

My Pepper is a ragdoll who often gets under the covers just like that! Thank you for sharing!

As discussed earlier

What if someone wore a political (MAGA) hat...so should be for religious purposes and not political grandstanding.

Make it religous only

And not political.


President Obama laced into him that night and then had nerves of steel to order this operation into Pakistan.

He followed up by a proper burial without showing his body thus ensuring no monuments for Bin Laden.

And Trump is still pissed at that.

An enemy of the United States is killed and he roots for the enemy. Please tell me how this makes America great.

Talking down to you?

He always has...so getting upset should not bother you. I'm sorry about your losses, but as your candidate likes to remind folks, bring home a snake and expect to get bit.

Many RW outlets

Continue to insinuate about Michelle Obama being transgender. As a FLOTUS the level of vitriol should not be directed since they are in the public eye but above the politics.
However, for Melania who has plagiarized speeches from Michelle Obama, whose status as an immigrant is revered by an administration who wishes to remove many immigrants some naturalized and other legally here, her disrespect of Americans with her insistence of flight seats and yes her earlier choices of displaying herself in the public forum (which attracted her to the current occupant) and stating bullying is wrong while married to him makes me IMHO subject to her being part of the politics rather than above and more importantly working against the American people.

I want Pelosi

I'm wondering if Clyburn will be the number 3 person. I am not advocating him for Speaker

Maybe he can get his friend

The Gay Frog in a pink tutu to help him. I'd link the YouTube video but I'm not that techie geek. I just speak in Star Wars geek.
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