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snowy owl

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Fifties were a better time. We need to return to a better Democratic Party.

Edit: I agree with all who take social issues and throw them back at me. However, my post clearly correlates to the extract. If you choose to make it a personal attack, you've done well. If you wish to address the whole point, you might reconsider. One poster did did sunlight a good point about the seventies and I agreed with him that probably saying "the seventies" might have been better. They wer the best for me personally. But I'm not disavowing the fifties as a better time economically for everybody. It was, afterall, the beginning of the revolution for working women. Thanks to Rosie the Riveter. It took time as everything does. Lowest unemployment and GI bill for those returning soldiers. And some writers do make a case that it was even a better time for blacks. That's not my opinion and I never said it was. DU has a healthy number of people who attack first. I can take it.

No one is say it was better for blacks, Native Americans, or even religion - Catholics were regarded a lot differently. But those were social issues, not ecoonomic. Yes, everyone's economics were affected by social issues but all things being equal, it was a better time.

The Koch Brothers are buying professors and changing educational policy. Look at Texas for textbook editing. Surveillance of television content is censorshiop. The pulpit - it's become a political arm of the Republican Party. And who ever hears anything on radio that is even slightly left - some places but very few. A cosmopolitan city like Seattle? None. Lewis Powell won. And look what we've got.

We need to get back the Party of Bernie. If you think Clinton will do it, fine.

Powell Memorandum from Wiki:

On August 23, 1971, prior to accepting President Nixon's nomination to the Supreme Court, Powell sent the "Confidential Memorandum" titled "Attack on the American Free Enterprise System" to a friend at the US Chamber of Commerce.[13] It was based in part on his experiences as a corporate lawyer and as a representative for the tobacco industry with the Virginia legislature. The memo called for corporate America to become more aggressive in molding politics and law in the US and may have sparked the formation of several influential right-wing think tanks and lobbying organizations, such as The Heritage Foundation and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), as well as inspiring the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to become far more politically active.[14][15] Marxist academic David Harvey traces the rise of neoliberalism in the US to this memo.[16][17]

Powell argued, "The most disquieting voices joining the chorus of criticism came from perfectly respectable elements of society: from the college campus, the pulpit, the media, the intellectual and literary journals, the arts and sciences, and from politicians." In the memorandum, Powell advocated "constant surveillance" of textbook and television content, as well as a purge of left-wing elements. He named consumer advocate Ralph Nader as the chief antagonist of American business.[18]

Reid tells Democrats to lay off Bernie. B brings money down ticket.


Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) advised Democrats eager to see Sanders drop out of the presidential race to “lay off” Tuesday, specifically noting his support of Feingold.

“I’m very happy that Sen. Sanders is supporting him big time,” Reid said.

Johnson received a boost last week from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which released a TV ad supporting him.

Feingold is a few points ahead of Johnson.

Can anybody name a down-ticket dem that has been helped by Hillary. I'm asking. I haven't heard of any.

No oil spill discussion? I wonder if Shell will profit more from spill than oil on market?

More oil in Gulf of Mexico this morning. Apparently leaking from pipes. 90,000 gallons. Maybe not so big but it has to stop.


A Shell oil facility has leaked nearly 90,000 gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, according to federal authorities. The spill has left a two-mile by thirteen-mile sheen in the Gulf, approximately 165 miles southwest of New Orleans. A helicopter first noticed the spill near Shell’s Brutus platform on Thursday morning, according to Shell spokeswoman Kimberly Windon.

Local activists, however, are unconvinced by reports that the spill is over. The spill occurred a little less than 100 miles due south of Lousiana’s Terrebonne Parish, which is home to one of the country’s largest communities of Houma Native Americans, who still depend on subsistence lifestyles. If the spill impacts marine life, or washes ashore, it’s likely that these communities might be some of the first impacted.

I wonder if the spill won't actually bring a greater benefit to Shell than putting that oil on the market at today's prices.


The government’s $20.8 billion out-of-court settlement with BP would resolve the charges related to the Gulf Oil spill. You might assume a fine of this nature is serious enough not to be tax deductible. But BP should be able to write off the vast majority, a whopping $15.3 billion. The proposed deal designates only about one quarter, $5.5 billion, as a non-tax-deductible Clean Water Act penalty. BP can write off the natural resource damages payments, restoration, and reimbursement of government costs.
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