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Profile Information

Name: Peg
Gender: Female
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Current location: Tennessee
Member since: Sat Feb 6, 2016, 08:31 PM
Number of posts: 6,574

Journal Archives

This Is How We Find Peace, Justice and Reconciliation: Solidarity

The article in Forbes gives me hope. Don't let the nihilists and haters bring the moment down. This is how a new beginning starts. The imagery and emotion behind the actions are profound and uplifting: police joining protestors to say, This Needs to Stop, Now. The acts of solidarity were not limited to one city but scattered across the country. I was glad to hear that Camden, NJ was one of those cities.

This is how we change the status quo, not through violence and burning the world down but by changing hearts and minds. Taking the knee is an indelible image, one that only the soulless/mindless can argue. But here's the thing:

There really are more Americans of goodwill than there are haters.



In All the Darkness and Chaos, A Tiny Beam of Light

In this case, a 2-pound, 2-ounce beam of light named Cassandra. Today I am officially a grandmother to a tiny miracle who still has a rough road ahead because she'll require heart surgery in the next few days. But she is in the world and I'm officially a Nana, a first-timer.

If you would, could or are so inclined, say a few prayers for our tiny light Cassandra.

Where we are at the moment, November 2020 election

Uninstalling Trump. Please Be Patient. Your Country Will Be Restored Soon.

Love the message and the pix! Because right now, we're winning.


Kellyanne Conway Can't Help Herself

The Queen of Alternative Facts is out spinning the spin that Joe Biden's promise to choose a woman as VP is like a hormone-laden Frat House Bro: Get Me A Woman. She's none too fond of Susan Rice either, who she claims 'can't be trusted.'

Time to look in the mirror, Kellyanne. No amount of Botox makes you look trustworthy. Just saying, Sister. You're time in the sunshine is coming to an end. Along with the Infant King's.

Go to 2:58 for Conway's comments on Biden's VP list, 'binders of women' snark. No shame inside the Trumphumper group. None.


Another Day, Another Challenge

Of course, as Joe Biden supporters we should be accustomed to the next challenge and those to follow.

Still, it's an ants in the pants day as we watch the Biden upswing, the endorsements pouring in and Super Tuesday ready to take off. What appeared 'maybe' doable last week, seems well within the realm of possibility: Joe Biden holds his own tomorrow, shaves off Sanders' support and ends up within striking distance of the nomination, even without a majority at the convention. Right now, Nate Silver sees the possibly that no one has a majority at the end of the primary as the most likely outcome. That could change, of course, but if that happens we'll see the true strength of what coalition building and nurturing professional relationships over a career is all about. Being the perennial maverick/outsider by choice might have a romantic spin to it for some. But come the nitty-gritty of choosing sides, making one of the most important decisions affecting not simply the Democratic Party but the entire country, I know where I'd put my money. And it's not with Bernie.

So good luck to us all tomorrow. The anticipation is a thing of wonder.

and, of course:

Third Challenge, a Home Run

Joe Biden projected winner barely after the polls closed.

It's a home run, folks. A remarkable blowout. And Terry McAuliffe just endorsed.


Third Challenge Coming Up!

I'm feeling really optimistic about Saturday's South Carolina results. This will be the 3rd challenge Biden needs to meet in a convincing way to keep his campaign rolling forward. Polls indicate he'll win in SC. The question is the margin. We've read that the Trumpers have called on supporters to vote for Sanders, anything to screw the vote.

Will the MAGAs come out in substantial numbers, enough to affect the numbers?

We don't know. But I've read the Trumpers and Trumpettes are getting nervous about COVID-19, the way Trump and his gang of incompetents are handling the virus threat. Maybe it's sinking in that viruses have no political affiliation.


This I do know, the polls are fluid right now. In North Carolina, for instance, the early vote is down. The politicos on the ground claim it's because voters are waiting, they simply have not made up their minds. I'm predicting that if Biden blows out South Carolina, states like NC will cast their votes for Joe. Biden's numbers are back up in Florida (party-hearty for Castro is proving unpopular in the Sunshine State. Shocker). Texas also looks promising. As for the others? Biden has a good shot of racking up the southern sector and with a decisive win, more money will pour into campaign coffers equaling more ads and staff on the ground for future state-by-state competitions. The money has already started flowing since the last debate with Joe's strongest performance to date. At the moment, Bloomberg has stalled. His ads and his in-the-flesh debates are a 'can't compute' for many voters. That could change but right now it works to Biden's advantage. As for Sanders? He's getting whacked with is own personal history, the vetting that never happened in 2016.

We're definitely in turnaround country. Nothing is sure but possibility abounds.

Saturday night can't come quick enough!

Two Challenges Met With An Extra Debate For a WIN

Joe gave a good showing at last week's debate. He took 2nd place in Nevada despite the headwinds.. Tonight he clearly won the debate bringing his A game to the stage. Tomorrow Clyburn is expected to endorse Joe--a BFD--and a boost heading into South Carolina.

We're almost there, gang. The turnaround is in motion.

First of Three Challenges Met

Joe had a strong debate performance, sounded and looked presidential. Second challenge for Joe will be Nevada's results, and then onto South Carolina.

But tonight? Team Joe should be happy and proud. Joe Biden rose to the occasion!


Btw, I think Bloomberg was brought down to earth this evening. He may have more money than God but he has neither the presence nor delivery.

Tales from Tennessee

Sadly, the storyline is short and bland. Voted today at my regular polling place. The weather down here is miserable, gray and rainy, a continuation of a very wet winter. The traffic was nonexistent and the conversation nil.

But I voted for Joe and left with a smile. So, it wasn't completely shabby.
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