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peggysue2's Journal
peggysue2's Journal
April 19, 2019

Joe Biden's Kickoff Next Wednesday in Charlottesville is a Strong, Profound Message

The Charlottesville kickoff will be a meaningful shot across the bow, a strong reminder of who exactly we're dealing with when it comes to the Trumpster and his hateful enablers. No one should forget the neo-Nazi sympathizers with their tiki torches chanting antisemitic slogans or the death of Heather Heyer or the infamous, Trumpian reaction:

"I'm sure there are fine people on both sides."


In that moment the Trumpster revealed himself as a wanna-be white nationalist and no decent human being should ever forget the disgusting display of ignorance and hate manifested during that rally.

I think this choice is brilliant on Biden's part. Start knocking teeth on Day 1.

March 31, 2019

Just Changed My Preference from Undecided to Joe Biden

To be honest? Joe Biden has always been at the top of my list because I think he gives us the best chance of knocking the Trumpster and his enablers out of orbit.

Why now?

The incoming political attacks from the Left & the Right which only underscores the threat that a Biden presidential run really represents to other candidates but more importantly to Trumplandia. Of course, I could change my mind; there are several other candidates I could easily support. But none with the knockdown power of a Joe Biden.

So for now? Joey B and his extensive experience in domestic and foreign policy is my main guy.

Biden 2020!

March 19, 2019

Beto O'Rourke jumps into New Hampshire, All Jets Fired

Whether you're convinced that Beto O'Rourke is the real deal or not, I find this pretty damn amazing. The next 48 hours? O'Rourke is planning to blast through every county in the state.

There's energy and then there's Beto Energy. Whoosh!


March 5, 2019

What Ilhan Omar Actually said

Not sure if anyone posted this or not but I found the read fascinating after the brouhaha going on about Omar's recent antisemitic comments. Accusing her of reviving old tropes of 'divided loyalties' seems a stretch for me, particularly since she equated that sentiment to her own family's affection for Somalia. Even though they have no family left there.

The main trope I picked up was the unequal emphasis given to the suffering of Palestinians. And why, she asks, can we question the lobbying efforts of corporations, Pharma, the NRA and not talk about an equally powerful lobbying group representing Israel that is influencing our national policy?

I think that's a reasonable question. But it's been marked absolutely taboo by an overall consensus.

That being said, I'm neither Jewish nor Muslim. Irish Catholic here, a woman who has an affection for Ireland. Been there, loved it but have no family that I know of still residing in the country. Does that make me anti-English? I'll confess that's not a question you'd ever pose to my grandmother who--if you had listened to her--would sound as if she stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Michael Collins.

The point is I expected something profoundly offensive in Omar's comments. I was genuinely surprised when I didn't find them because the criticism has been so heated. I've put the link below. See what you think.


February 8, 2019

Please clue me on the heart business

I've been a star member for the last 2 years. Do I get hearts for that or do I need to buy them in order to hand them out to others? If I need to buy them is there a separate way to do that without reupping a star membership. Which I just did in December.

Thanks for the advice/instruction in advance. I'm obviously clueless in heart world etiquette.

February 4, 2019

Accusation Du Jour

Anyone thinking that Charlie Pierce's warning that Republicans may have been the source of the Northam material/fiasco (and this in no way let's Northam off the hook) should be given a heads-up on the latest--an allegation against Justin Fairfax.


This sort of ratf*cking is going to be the theme of 2020.

January 21, 2019

I received an email from Lamar Alexander . . .

hawking the Trumpster's compromise to reopen the government as reasonable.

Number 1--this is not a compromise since the Democratic leadership was never consulted or advised.

Number 2-- the 3-year protection/extension on DACA and TPS are programs that the Trumpster overturned and is now offering as 'the deal of the century.'

Number 3--Donald Trump is not a good-faith partner; rather he has habitually squelched on deals, turning on a dime and changing his position on a whim or his 'gut' noises.

The media is now repeatedly asking how the Dems can turn down the Trumpster's Most Excellent Compromise without looking like the bad guys extending Trump's Shutdown?

This is akin to taking a hostage taker's side in the argument. Why don't you just give the guy the money and end this thing?, they query. What they don't ask is: what will be the going rate next time Trumpski doesn't get his way? And why would anyone in their right mind trust Donald Trump to stand by his word or to use the $5.7 billion responsibly?

No one wants the damn wall but the Trumpster and his acolytes. Not for border security or the fatuous tales of marauding caravans but as a symbol for WINNING. The $5.7 Billion is a small fraction of the money needed to complete the job the Trumpster has imagined, let alone maintain a wall/fence of that height and length. More than that, a wall/fence will be ineffective. Period.

This is another con job, a broad daylight highjacking where 800,000 Federal employees, millions of ancillary business owners and majority of American citizens have been held as hostages. And for what?

Donald Trump's rancid ego.

Btw, I was obviously added to Senator Alexander's email list after sending an incensed post following Trump's Helsinki meeting last year. I received a reply from the Senator's office saying basically that he too was 'concerned.' Amnesia has apparently afflicted the Republican held Senate. Perhaps they need a refresher course:

Donald Trump is not a good-faith partner. For anything.

January 20, 2019

The Man Who Stood Behind Trump

Interesting feature article at the Washington Post this morning which offers a glimpse into a particular Trumpster's mindset, a man who cannot see, cannot hear the damage that is being done by this Administration. A good ole boy who excuses himself because he's convinced he's a 'good man.' In some respects, that appears to be true in his relationships within his own personal sphere. But even there, his insight is limited, his ability to reflect in any deep manner has been short-circuited when it comes to racism, sexism and/or base cruelty. Because it hasn't affected him . . . personally.

It's only when he starts to receive critical, unflattering emails that the Man Who Stood Behind Trump begins to blink, just a smidge.

He doesn't recall racial strife in the South though he was born and raised in the Mississippi Delta, born 50 miles from where Emmett Till was murdered. He doesn't remember segregated bathrooms or water fountains during the 60's, just doesn't recall. He simply has no living memory of racial violence in the South. For a man of privilege (think trust fund baby) he sees only the world that he's lived in, been part of--a good life, an easy life, a world where The Man Who Stood Behind Trump is respected, well-liked, even loved.

So when the emails start over his Trump rally appearance where POTUS mocks Christine Blasey Ford and he and his friend laugh and clap and cheer, he's mystified that strangers would call him on his behavior. Because he's not a sexist, he would tell them. He's loved his Mama and his sick wife, both strong women. Surely his love of the black woman who tended him as child proves that he has no animosity towards women or black people. He loved Edna Beatty in the way only a child can love so surely that proves he's a 'good man' though he doesn't recall ever asking about her personal life, the one she lived beyond him.

He doesn't remember. He cannot see or hear.

The Man Who Stood Behind Trump is only beginning to think about these things. He's still living in the dimly lit room he's constructed for himself, still defending his positions. But without the carefree innocence of the past which is something he hankers for--the way things used to be where your patriotism, your place in the world was never questioned.

The Good Ole Days.

Mind boggling.


January 19, 2019

Shiny Objects

Curious is it not that the furor over the Buzzfeed article has overshadowed the equally shocking story of Cohen rigging polls at Trump's direction? No one has negated or disputed the story that Cohen hired IT personnel to rig the online polls to keep the Boss happy or that he paid for those services with a bag of cash and a boxing glove, stiffing the tech company for the full $50,000 fee. A fee that Cohen was reimbursed for, according to WAPO.

Guiliani's statement was an immediate rebuff of the story with the added note that Cohen was into stealing money (don't look there, look over here). Furthermore, Cohen had a twitter account set up to make him appear favorable (sexy) to female voters. And even more curious, that tech firm--RedFinch Solutions owned by John Gauger--is connected to Liberty University.

All this hiding behind the Buzzfeed dustup because this is the beauty of disinformation.

So much winning.


January 15, 2019

Land of the Free

Not sure how many people have already seen this. I stumbled across the tweet with embedded vid over at Hoarse Whisperer's feed. Video was directed by Spike Lee, performed by The Killers.

Personally? I was blown away. Fierce, effective, heartbreaking. An anthem of sorts.

Anyway, thought I'd post it here.


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