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peggysue2's Journal
peggysue2's Journal
December 9, 2021

The World is a Very Noisy Place! LOL

Finally took the plunge and bought my first hearing aids. Eargo, to be specific. Cannot believe the difference and now wonder why I've been so hesitant. I've had several hearing tests over the years, so I knew there was a profound problem--all that straining to hear speech, TV, whatever. Also had a MRI taken several years back and knew I had considerable scar tissue behind each ear. I have moderate loss in my left ear and severe loss in my right. My family was constantly on my back to do something bc I was always having them repeat themselves and/or screwing up conversations.

But today, I went to CVS for a flu shot. I could hear my name being called. I could hear the technician without difficulty, in addition to the swishing of my coat and tapping of my shoelaces and heels. The background noise will start to level out from what I've read as my brain adjusts to all the sounds and pitches I wasn't formerly able to hear.

These are tiny, in the-ear-appliances with bluetooth capability. Setting the volume and programs is easy-peasy on my iPhone and the aids are rechargeable, no tiny batteries to mess with.

The shipment came yesterday, so this is Day 1 of full usage. So far? I am surprisingly impressed.

Anyone else have the Eargo experience? I'd love to read your feedback. I actually talked to someone at the company about 5 years ago. But I just wasn't ready then (stupid vanity, really). On the other hand, the product is far more sophisticated than it was then and I've gown accustomed to my bluetooth Apple ear buds. Think that helps in accepting the in-the-ear design.

Anyway, I have now rejoined the hearing Universe. Even though,

The World is a Very Noisy Place.

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