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peggysue2's Journal
peggysue2's Journal
October 26, 2022

On that Kos OP (recently cited here) from the ER nurse

As I said at the Daily Kos, if I could recommend the OP x 1000 I would.

When my youngest son was nineteen, he suffered a traumatic brain injury followed by a stroke from a nicked carotid artery. It was not pretty to watch, not in the early intensive care days nor the months of subsequent therapies and rehab. As a mother, I was anguished by the struggle, the frustration, the months of pain--physical and emotional--my son endured. It was an event that affected our entire family.

John Fetterman's performance last night was ragged, even painful to watch. However, the fact that he was on that stage, pushed himself to do the debate is nothing short of remarkable. My son was also a fighter, bull-headed if you will. He, too, pushed himself and returned to University in 8 months after his accident. I held my breath the entire time but he was determined to get back up. Like John Fetterman, he got back up, chugged along despite mockery from some, doubt from a number of administrators and ended up on the Dean's List at the end of the semester.

Though John Fetterman's words were halting and uneven, they were true to the man, a man who has pushed against adversity, stood on his own two feet and vowed to work for those less fortunate than himself be it in healthcare access, minimum wage, a woman's right to choose, criminal justice, compassion in immigration matters, etc. His personal medical battle will only increase his ability to fight the good fight with the empathy he had and the insight people acquire after a life-and-death struggle.

John Fetterman has entered warrior territory now.

In contrast, Dr. Oz with his slick, arrogant performance came across with the biggest gaffe of the evening: a woman's healthcare and abortion should be between a woman, her doctor and LOCAL POLITICAL LEADER. All within the context that government should NEVER be involved in these matters. Just leave it to the States and those political leaders.

I listened to a disgusting CNN segment this morning, a panel of 'very serious people'. One of the panelists suggested there should have been a "Mercy Rule," that John Fetterman should have been put down after four minutes.

Can't tell you how that comment enraged me, set my hair on fire.

And then? My husband and I voted a straight Democratic ticket in Pennsylvania. After that, we got a Pfizer booster and flu shot.

I want to be perfectly healthy when John Fetterman raises his hand and is sworn in as our next Senator from Pennsylvania.

As for my son? He graduated, is happily married and gifted us with a beautiful granddaughter.

I predict last night will backfire on the Oz campaign. Couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch.

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