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Member since: Sun Feb 14, 2016, 07:36 PM
Number of posts: 3,452

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Best practice for posting Tweets on DU?

Has anyone got a handy reference for tips and tricks on posting content from Twitter?

For example, when a video is in a "retweet" and the retweet is posted, for me (mobile, Android, Chrome) clicking on the video results in Twitter app being opened and video playing there, instead of within the DU post.

If the video is in the tweet that is posted, then the video plays with DU, for me.

While on Twitter, if you context-menu (right click) on the video, you'll see an option to "Copy Video URL" and this will get you the correct link to post on DU, that will play inside DU.

Also, if there's an image/graphic on Twitter that you want to embed (hotlink) in a DU post, if you open that image in a new window (while on Twitter) and then copy the URL, often you can modify the URL slightly to get it to hotlink (eg, move the ".jpg" to the appropriate position in the string, removing attributes).

If anyone can simplify and expound on the sorts of issues I'm referring to (and communicate them better!), it would be really helpful. TIA.

So really, now, what *exactly* will be enough for removal?

Firstly, for Trump, but secondly, for future presidents.

'Cause right now, I don't see *any* guardrails anymore.

WHEEEEEEEEEE we're in freefall, yaaaaaaay....!!

Seriously. W.T.FUCK??

Answer: Gustav Skarsgard

(I don't do Twitter, else I'd have replied directly over there...)

What did Trump expect?

I'll tell you what I think he expected:

That his followers would storm the Capitol, and interrupt the certification of Biden's election.

That violence would erupt.

That there would be casualties, including amongst members of Congress (Dems especially, but perhaps Pence and Mitch as well).

That a strong police/military response would be required and activated, with many more casualties.

That extreme turmoil would ensue, especially in DC, but nationwide as well.

That martial law would have to be instituted.

After that, I don't know. But I can very safely say that everything above is exactly what Trump was hoping and praying for. Guaranteed.

Trump may be the abusive father

but Congress is the cowed mother as they continue to not stand up to him.

The kids grow up hating him and despising her.

The legacy of everyone who didn't stop Trump today

will be forever defined by what happened yesterday.

Nothing else will matter.

Archive of videos (etc) from 1/6/21 Capitol storm

FYI. Both as a resource and place to deposit.



There is no excuse whatsoever for not impeaching Trump ASAP

This madman has terrorized us all for too long, and any R that won't vote to remove him *must* be put on official record.

Impeach him NOW!

As a forward thinking progressive, I must say

that I look forward to the fullest prosecution of Trump and his fellow lawbreakers.

Trump wanted violence on the Senate floor

Make no mistake, he was hoping that there would be deaths inside that chamber.

I have no doubts about this. None.
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