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Member since: Thu Mar 3, 2016, 02:32 PM
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Nightline (NBC) was kind of interesting tonight.

They did a series of brief pieces on Sanders, Clinton, Cruz, and Trump in relation to the New York primary. I was prepared to switch the channel as soon as they started their hatchet job on Bernie but they didn't really do that (they did bring up that spurious claim about Bernie messing up his Daily News interview at the end of his segment) and, on the whole, they were positive in the reporting on him. What was weird was the reporting on Hillary. NBC/Nightline featured discussion (with images/video examples) of her flip-flopping character and then an interview with a fashionable elderly woman Hillary supporter at a street cafe - the woman said she was ready for a woman president and then asked the male interviewer, "aren't you?" The interviewer then answered back with "do you trust her?" Long, long pause ... and then she responds with "do you trust any politician... darling?" That was so fantastic! The woman admitted supporting Clinton while not trusting her and seeing her as a untrustworthy politician like any other, but, well, it's just time for a woman to be president. I think that was how they ended the Hillary segment. I don't know, I think that MSM piece on the candidates worked in Bernie's favor and was a nice piece of free advertising all in all! If you live in the Pacific time zone, you should still be able to see that tonight if you want to.

Media Blackout (of Bernie Campaign) Protest in LA (in front of CNN) -- live stream

Live stream of protest against mainstream media blackout of Bernie campaign (CNN specifically)

This is going on right now in front of LA CNN building.

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