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The 30,000 deleted emails

There's been a lot of talk about the emails that have been released and the classified info that's in them, but it seems like to me what may be more important are those 30,000 "personal" emails that were deleted. I see the potential that those can be more damaging.

First, even assuming team clintonemail was fully competent in erasing those emails from the server, it sounds like there were backups they didn't know about so one would presume that the FBI got at least a decent portion of them. I suspect the wiping of the server was less than perfect and many were recovered that way as well.

I see at least 3 problems that can arise from these assuming they weren't all "personal."

First, obstruction of justice. The timeline of the deleting was fairly fishy to me. They contacted their people and had them cut the backups down to 30 days (the emails regarding "shady shit" then waited something like 60 days to turn over the server.

Second, those emails emails may now be subpoenaed in I think 2 FOIA lawsuits which already have pissed off judges. My guess is at least some of these contain some politically damaging comments that can be used against her. If a significant portion are not personal, I can see some more honestly issues popping up. I just see this part as being even if she is not indicted, there are going to be many more drips coming out on this. What's the penalty if she withheld info in FOIA?

Third, there may be more classified info in there. These deleted emails aren't in the released emails and it could add to the 22 top secret classified email chains we know about. Hell, if a few of these are classified, I can see that making the obstruction of justice airtight.

And I'm sure there are other things I haven't thought of. I also heard recently (for the first time) that the emails were deleted by keyword when I thought originally it was said that people read each email. That already sounds like posturing to me to cover their butts.
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