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Member since: Sat Mar 5, 2016, 02:32 PM
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Why in the hell wasn't Huma Abedin's laptop looked at sooner?

Sorry but this was sloppy as hell. Alan Dershowitz pointed this out last night that her lawyers should have been the ones to say here's her laptop. If the investigation is about Weiner then look at his emails. I thought they already went through Huma's emails, and if this was some sort of extra device that was left out then why in the hell didn't she turn it over prior to this? Am I saying this correctly? Please correct me if I'm not but thats what I'm getting from what I'm hearing so far. So at the very least this is sloppy as hell. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. There is no way that emails from Clinton to Huma should have been sent to a laptop "shared" by Huma and her husband. This should've been done on a device that was hers and hers alone. Am I wrong in that sentiment? I don't think I am. Its ridiculous that this comes out now given that they all know she is Hillary's close personal aide so why the hell are they just getting their information now? Why wasn't it turned over before or why didn't the FBI look at it before?

Please let me know if I have my information correct. Am I misreporting something? I'm just sitting here thinking about everything I've heard and just seems like it could've been completely avoided and was at most sloppy but left the door open for this bullshit.

I'm going to miss NODRAMA OBAMA!!!!!

No investigations, no one from his administration having to resign because of corruption. No investigations of his own corruption, no personal scandals. This is not saying anything negative about the Clintons. It's just that I know the absolute shit storm that is coming because of the right's hate for any and everything Clinton. So fasten your seat belts because I fear politics are only going to get worse once Hillary is elected. This election has made me loathe politics, something I very much once loved and my loathing is only going to get worse as signaled by Rethuglicans already saying get ready for Clinton investigations.

Taking next week off and flying to Florida, PA, NC, Nevada

Since this FBI crap came out, I have been inundated with emails and texts from pissed off HRC supporters I volunteered with in Voto Latino. We basically were going to sit back the final week and watch the fruits of our labor reveal themselves.

Welp, because of this bullshit today we are going back into action and criss crossing the nation in a final push to GOTV. I WILL NOT have herstory be derailed by this motherfu*king bullshit. If Michelle and Hillary were worried about complacency they need not be because I actually think this FBI bullshit will energize HillYes supporters in this final stretch.

I want to smack that sh*t eating grin off Corey Lewandowski's face

I swear man. He pisses me off so much.

I love that Clinton herself made a statement on this

Expressed confidence and composure and leadership. I think that by the end of next week the dust will have settled on this but she should be pissed. However, I ultimately agree that Comes was covering his ass. If this came out after the election the whole "rigged" thing would come up. The timing of this is bad and I do think there will be some impact but I still think that overall people have made up their mind about Hillary's damn emails.

HRC and Robby Mook must be looking at Huma Abedin like "YOUR F*CKING HUSBAND...."

Seriously.....go away Weiner!!!!!!

The MSM is already misinterpreting what Comey's letter says

There is no "reopening" of any investigation. The media is trying to make fire out of this and I am highly pissed off. Some are even saying this is highly unusual for Comey to disclose this kind of thing. Its vague and the letter itself is rather generic. It doesn't really say anything but thats not how the media and some are going to see it. I am so fucking fed up. I cannot wait until this election is over!!! I'm so over this bullshit.

Divide between older Blacks and Black Millennials for Hillary

The threat to Trump is so great that you have most Black activists coming around, Deray McKesson probably being the most notable in recent days, but make no mistake, many Black millennials are not enthusiastic about this election. However, I don't know a single Black person over 35 who isn't voting for Hillary.

I spoke with a few who outright said I can't believe this is our f**king choice but its got to be Hillary . Millennial Blacks don't remember these "great Clinton years" and find a lack of authenticity with her. I personally am not looking for a late night host for a President. Obama has that rare gift of having such charm and humor and seriousness, but make no doubt that its the intelligence that made me vote for him. The personality is a great bonus, but its just that... a bonus.

Also important to note that Black millennials vote in greater numbers than their white counterparts which is why its key to get them to vote early and on election day, particularly in the battleground states. I know some don't like to do "identity politics" but when I see talk of millennial voters voting third party and some going Trump I wish they would break that down more. Make no mistake...Black millennials are NOT voting for Donald Trump.

Warms my heart to know Latino voting is up BIG!!!!!!

Makes me feel as though my work in Florida and other battlegrounds as part of VotoLatino to register folks and to get out the vote is coming to fruition. This is what its all about. Gotta get to the masses. Have to be part of the action. Have to make sure Hillary is elected. Si se puede!!!!!!

Steve Schmidt saying Trump's refusal to answer directly about election outcome is disqualifying

Absolutely. Its frightening.
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