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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Mar 9, 2016, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 524

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Singer /Musician

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Tim Kaine

What a great speech He gave today.
Hillary made the right decision
This will even better our outcome in November.
He is a rock star in so many ways.

When is it time to call the man ??

A person on our street took to a power saw to down a large tree at the base.
Having .calculated that it would fall in the back yard.
Not to be had,,,,the whole thing came down on the house next door.
Needless to say that owner was quite upset
I wonder if insurance will cover being a dumb ass ?? ( house value aprox.$ 200,000 )

Call me Al ♫ ♫

Perhaps our next president is not in need of another person in Her corner,but where is Al Gore ???
Sure would be nice to have a little extra ???

The way i see it

Trump doesn't really want the job.
He is only in it to shake up the election,so many repubs can turn to Hillary.
As far as Sanders,why not just give it up and help our girl take it home.
If things change up a bit,she will have a landslide.
Just Sayin'

I't's not too late

But time is ticking away for the Bernie support to get on board with our winning issues.
They must come to light that we need to be united to fight the trump factor.


We are getting closer to the white house.
I'm truly wired up
Sure there are a lot that feel this way.

Hillary on GMA

What a pleasure to see Her connect one on one with the voters questions,even if they were on the fence,or gave their support to Sanders.
She has Her way of coming across as straight forward on the important issues facing us all.
Also the sense of humour that is needed,She brings it home.
So if you or someone you know is still not totally with Her,think about it & do the right thing and put Hillary in the White House,where she belongs.

Hitting the ground running

is what we need to run our country.
Hillary will make that happen.
She not only brings all her experience to the front lines,but as a added deal we kind of get mr. bill back to offer advice.
Yes he had issues,(who does not) however,overall this is a win situation for all concerned.
And for the Bern,I'm sure he will offer his 2 cents or $27.00.to spice things up


Well,we are waiting,whatcha gotta hide bern ???

Bernie Sanders takes a private flight to Rome to speak at the Vatican conference - burning gallons o


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