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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Mar 9, 2016, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 524

About Me

Singer /Musician

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I woke from my nappy & it's already November ??

What a great chat by our Joe,soothing words and kind hands to guide us,if this is what He is made of,,,well,let's go Mr. President

The numbers are not there

and will never be,so,,,,just fade away and let us heal our country,grumpy old man

As many have said from the start

,,Vermont is nice this time of year,they say

The Big 3ms

Mo.Ms. and to be sure MICHIGAN,It's now over for b.s. as we see it

He will be doing this

in the White House again,,,?t=14

The day has come

Joe will be visiting our town of Grand Rapids,Mi.,on Monday
We hope for a great turn out as it is our time to elect Him our President,for everyone

A big rally

is on tap Sunday here in Grand Rapids,Mi for Bernie,,,now we need our guy for a visit,,perhaps??

Now the next big deal is in

Kent county Michigan,where we need to keep it team Joe Biden,,,all eyes are watching

The way

perhaps b.s. is thinking,now go Joe !!

If you are still on the fence

or considering a person that has to learn what it takes to bring back the soul of a nation and the world.
We do not have time to wait,folks.This is more important then ever now.
Everyone has some flaws,but just think really deep,who is ready on day one for the healing in all aspects we all need.
And to appoint those crucial cabinet openings
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