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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Mar 9, 2016, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 524

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Singer /Musician

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How can we win Michigan??

On Friday,when we went to see our next v.p.
at the opening of our Hillary office.
There was no merchandise to be had,only to be told to go on line and buy it.
It was bad enough to wait over 2 hours for a brief chat despite having a r.s.v.p.
They could have worked things out a lot better,like we had with the Obama office.
What to do,no one to talk there about it.
We need all hands on deck,and on the same page.
Keeping fingers crossed for right now and hoping that they will get their act together.
This is too important to slack away at a office.We need to win,folks

Sen. Kaine

came to our city today.
Waited,about 2 hours in a very large line,even though we had a r.s.v.p.
He gave a chat lasting around 15 minutes,mostly talking about trump.
I must say that did not get my heart started in any way.
Perhaps,down the road ,there will be some improvements
None the less,they still get our vote.

Just like Obama stated,,,,

We have not had a person running for the highest office more qualified than Hillary.
So just deal with the slight imperfections,and get on board.
Think about it,we will better off in the long term.

Tim Kaine

to visit our city on wed.
It will be nice to hear all that he has to say.
If all goes well in the future,perhaps Kaine in 2020 ???

Madame President

Wow,that sounds great.
We hope that the few that are fueling this in fighting,will stop & reflect and focus on our issues @ hand.
This must be halted,we have too much to lose,on what we have gained with Obama.

Tim Kaine

What a great speech He gave today.
Hillary made the right decision
This will even better our outcome in November.
He is a rock star in so many ways.

When is it time to call the man ??

A person on our street took to a power saw to down a large tree at the base.
Having .calculated that it would fall in the back yard.
Not to be had,,,,the whole thing came down on the house next door.
Needless to say that owner was quite upset
I wonder if insurance will cover being a dumb ass ?? ( house value aprox.$ 200,000 )

Call me Al ♫ ♫

Perhaps our next president is not in need of another person in Her corner,but where is Al Gore ???
Sure would be nice to have a little extra ???

The way i see it

Trump doesn't really want the job.
He is only in it to shake up the election,so many repubs can turn to Hillary.
As far as Sanders,why not just give it up and help our girl take it home.
If things change up a bit,she will have a landslide.
Just Sayin'

I't's not too late

But time is ticking away for the Bernie support to get on board with our winning issues.
They must come to light that we need to be united to fight the trump factor.
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