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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Mar 9, 2016, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 524

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Singer /Musician

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If you are still on the fence

or considering a person that has to learn what it takes to bring back the soul of a nation and the world.
We do not have time to wait,folks.This is more important then ever now.
Everyone has some flaws,but just think really deep,who is ready on day one for the healing in all aspects we all need.
And to appoint those crucial cabinet openings

So sorry to some,however

this is the real deal boys & girls

A need to ask

and stunk up this election,we need to get it together and show we can pick a person with experience who will be ready on day one,,really boys & girls.

This whole deal is just silly

First if we don't know by know who should sit in the white house and be totally prepared,well we are missing the boat,folks.
Second,all this in fighting is doing zero for our cause,we have one goal and the way it is shaking out now,is giving another 4 years.
There is too much on the line,so let's get our shit together,and really think about our long term,unless you are ready to take many steps back just sayin'

When it comes to

Michigan,Joe needs a strong showing to maintain the over all lead in this mess.
He has the means to be on point,if most follow His message,,,just sayin'

To those

who gave their hearts,,,many thanks,it is much appreciated,,,restores hope in the human kind,,Peace & Love

It is about time to

and not pay attention to those who wish to distort the truth

The passing of a true legand

one of the best ever
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