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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Mar 9, 2016, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 524

About Me

Singer /Musician

Journal Archives

If the one in the white house were a regular person,,,

he would be,,,,

If the orange ass would only

A song for our times

Bought a manscaper

not bad to figure out,if you mess up only few if any will see,however a hair cut is really needed,but not willing to do a self job as all will see funny though,,,when the forrest is trimmed,,,everything looks larger,,,fact or wishful thinking ??

Really need to visit the hair salon,,,soon

Back in the day,we seemed to had enough


Perhaps this is next up

A duck story

A city guy goes first time duck hunting in the backwoods.
after several hours a duck flies by,he takes aim and brings it down,,finally he said.
when the duck falls on to a barn roof,he walks on to attempt to pick it off roof,
but wait,,,property owner speaks up and said,,,my roof my duck,,,,no way said hunter...
owner states we can settle this country style,,hunter said explain,,country style.
owner said we kick each other in the balls,, and he who can stand keeps the duck.
both agree and owner gets first shot to balls of hunter,,,,he takes the hit,goes down and lays there for about 30 minutes.
still in much pain,he states to owner,ok,my turn on you,,,,owner said never mind,,,you can keep the duck.

Words & Music meaning more now than ever before

Our state is getting a bit too strict

Here in Michigan,we able not able to buy,things like,paint,stain,plumbing items,carpet flooring and no motor boats.we have free time to muddle about the property doing odd jobs,but now on hold.
there are many who have projects needed to be complete now,,,like me.
this order needs to be re thinked,by Lansing,to get us back on trac,and still be safe
what is next,,,a restricting of condoms,,,wash and re use ?? Oh and not to buy any flowers or weed and feed,our property will look like crap
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