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Mary Mac

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Member since: Sat Mar 12, 2016, 02:07 PM
Number of posts: 317

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prayers for the Queen city

Protesters hugging national guardsmen. Fingers crossed.

I agree there is overlap on many issues

But Trump is the shark on the horizon. Obama rescued us from a Depression and did the best he could with the Republicans. He doesn't get near enough credit.

That's what I like about the south.

Since we don't have a southern forum, I thought it would be nice to publish what we DO like about NC and the South. Please add good things.
I'll start. Eating grits and hearing Brother Cornelius and Sister Rose in Eddie's Place.

whats up with republican caucus/primary in North Dakota?

Is this Tammany hall? I hear
they're not bound to any candidate? How can this be?

Why do Amtrack people wake you up in middle of the night?

It is my pet peeve about train travel. Is you can't get a sleeper car don't bother. They are sadistic to coach.

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Should bathrooms be a design issue more than a civil rights one.

Is giving privacy maybe something that can be built in? Also protection. I m thinking of murders in rest stop bathrooms. Security cameras or alarm buttons?

Maybe separate ones for children. I wonder if the architectural community has any ideas how to accommodate trans users.

NC to give full ticket for one mile per hour over the speed limit.

Drive carefully tarheels.
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