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Member since: Mon Mar 14, 2016, 10:56 PM
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Biden Spills the Beans: Sanders will endorse Clinton


Vice President Biden says Bernie Sanders will endorse his Democratic primary opponent, Hillary Clinton.

"I've talked to Bernie. Bernie is going to endorse her," Biden told NPR's "Weekend Edition," according to NPR reporter Rachel Martin.

Now all of y'all haters who keep bashing Sanders, insinuating he is not really a Democrat (violation of the rules), and generally calling him an idiot, egotistically, etc. can kindly stop and focus on defeating Trump.

Bernie is focusing now on making an open and inviting Democratic Party that champions progressive values, and once the convention is finished he will endorse Clinton I am sure.
Posted by GeorgiaPeanuts | Thu Jun 30, 2016, 07:16 PM (44 replies)

Bernie Sanders’ Endgame Is Increasingly Bewildering To Team Clinton


Democrats have for weeks treated the still-operational presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) with a mix of deference and caution, worrying about too strongly pushing the occasionally irascible senator and his legion of devoted followers.

But as time has passed and the party’s convention nears, supporters of Hillary Clinton really want to know what Sanders’ endgame actually is.

The question has been prompted by some recent muddled messaging from Sanders himself. The senator has said he’ll vote for Clinton, but is declining to actually endorse her candidacy. On Tuesday, he raised the specter of convention disorder over the nuts and bolts of the party platform, all while insisting he will do everything in his power to ensure that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump loses.

“So far [Sanders] has been riding a wave of good feelings in the sense he ran an incredible campaign,” said former Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.), who served with Sanders and Clinton but has endorsed the latter.

Sanders’ campaign did not return requests for comment. But those who know the senator say that the simplest explanation for his current pursuits is, in his typical fashion, the right one: He wants to change the Democratic Party, from the way it nominates its candidates to the policies it pursues.

“Bernie is trying to do exactly what he says he is trying to do. It’s in every one of his statements. He is making sure the concerns he has raised are taken into account for the future of the Democratic Party,” said former Sen. Ted Kaufman (D-Del.), who worked with Sanders for a short period of time.

“The easiest answer with Bernie is to listen what he says because what he says is what he means,” he added. “It is remarkable working with him. You didn’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out what he was saying or what he meant. It was a pleasure being around him.”

And Sanders has been around. Since voting in the Democratic primary concluded, he hasn’t receded far from the spotlight. The stadium-sized rallies are over, but he has campaigned for like-minded progressives, sent fundraising emails to elect allies, pushed for platform changes through his delegates and, lately, has taken to the op-ed pages of the major newspapers

Go Bernie! Much love from a proud supporter from the beginning till the end! Do not let the hatred from some people deter you in your goals for reforms.

Posted by GeorgiaPeanuts | Thu Jun 30, 2016, 04:19 PM (85 replies)

Republicans now calling on attorney general to step down after meeting on private jet


Don't repukes have anything better to do with their time. The meeting does seem kind of shady, but it is hardly a reason for someone to step down for unless they have evidence of impropriety.

As if anymore fuel needed to be added to the conservative fire that the Obama administration is simply unable to conduct an impartial investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of private servers and emails while secretary of state, her husband decided to hold an impromptu meeting with the chief prosecutor in the investigation this week.

On Monday, Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch had what has been described as a chance meeting at the Phoenix Airport, where the former president allegedly held back his private jet on the tarmac to wait to board Lynch’s government plane to hold a 30-minute meeting that was described by Lynch as “primarily social.”

And From Axelrod Tweet:
I take @LorettaLynch & @billclinton at their word that their convo in Phoenix didn't touch on probe. But foolish to create such optics.
Posted by GeorgiaPeanuts | Thu Jun 30, 2016, 03:42 PM (74 replies)

Campaign cash of Sanders growing, despite elimination


Despite Hillary Clinton winning the outright nomination on June 7, Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) refuses to back down. According to CNN, Sanders pledges to fight on to the convention. Sander’s supporters have also made it clear that they will continue to give money to his campaign.

In fact, according to recent Federal Election Commission data, the Sanders campaign raised an additional $17 million throughout June, despite being mathematically eliminated. Of the over $229 million Sanders has now raised in total, 99.98 percent has come from donations, which is greater than what presidential candidates Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Ohio Governor John Kasich raised.

Sanders has no debt that he needs to settle, and has spent approximately $219.9 million with a surplus of $9 million remaining, which he will most likely spend before he drops out of the campaign.
Posted by GeorgiaPeanuts | Thu Jun 30, 2016, 01:41 PM (122 replies)

New General Election Poll: Trump 43%, Clinton 39%, 12% someone else, 5% undecided


Starting to get a little scared here. A Trump presidency would be a disaster akin to the Brexit.
Posted by GeorgiaPeanuts | Thu Jun 30, 2016, 10:59 AM (91 replies)

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton meet privately in Phoenix before Benghazi report


Former President Clinton was visiting the Phoenix area and arrived to Sky Harbor Monday evening to depart.

Sources tell ABC15 Clinton was notified Lynch would be arriving at the airport soon and waited for her arrival.

Lynch was arriving in Phoenix for a planned visit as part of her national tour to promote community policing.

ABC15 asked Lynch about the meeting during her news conference at the Phoenix Police Department.

"I did see President Clinton at the Phoenix airport as he was leaving and spoke to myself and my husband on the plane," said Lynch.

The private meeting comes as Lynch's office is in charge of the ongoing investigation and potential charges involving Clinton's email server.

The private meeting also occurred hours before the Benghazi report was released publicly involving Hillary Clinton and President Obama's administration.

Lynch said the private meeting on the tarmac did not involve these topics.
Posted by GeorgiaPeanuts | Wed Jun 29, 2016, 05:14 PM (46 replies)

Misty Snow Transgender Progressive Activist won Utah's US Senate Democratic Primary


Snow lost to Swinton in the state's party convention in April, but the race went to the primary because Swinton didn't get 60 percent of the vote at the convention.

A transgender woman making her first foray into politics will face off against incumbent Republican Sen. Mike Lee in November after winning the Democratic nomination.

Misty Snow would become Utah's first openly transgender elected official if she wins the general election. She defeated marriage therapist Jonathan Swinton in Tuesday's primary.

Snow is a grocery store cashier. She ran on a platform of raising the minimum wage and being an advocate for women's rights and the LGBT community.

Congratulations Utahn Democrats!
Posted by GeorgiaPeanuts | Wed Jun 29, 2016, 11:25 AM (4 replies)

Bernie Sanders NYT Op-ed: Democrats Need to Wake Up


My favorite part:

We need a president who will vigorously support international cooperation that brings the people of the world closer together, reduces hypernationalism and decreases the possibility of war. We also need a president who respects the democratic rights of the people, and who will fight for an economy that protects the interests of working people, not just Wall Street, the drug companies and other powerful special interests.

We need to fundamentally reject our “free trade” policies and move to fair trade. Americans should not have to compete against workers in low-wage countries who earn pennies an hour. We must defeat the Trans-Pacific Partnership. We must help poor countries develop sustainable economic models.

I'm proud to have voted for him and am more proud that he is not capitulating to pressure and pushing hard for the policies that made us support him to be injected into the Democratic Party!
Posted by GeorgiaPeanuts | Wed Jun 29, 2016, 10:52 AM (22 replies)
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