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Member since: Tue Mar 15, 2016, 10:03 PM
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Boxing matches are fairer

Does anybody know how to get a total air time that Hillary Clinton has received during the primary season so far compared to the total air time that Bernie Sanders has had?

T.V. Has such a huge impact... I mean if you are not covered, you are not known. People are not on the internet researching the candidates, they just rely on mms for their information. The way that you are covered also matters as well, as in news talk shows. When all of these news talk shows talk about nothing but Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump ......and the other candidates a snip here and there...well what results can you expect at the voting booth?

At least the Republicans had a lot of debates to watch, giving all of the candidates some more air time.......all 18 of them. Lol

Bill is really sliding down the sleazy poll while trying to push his wife up the polls

I am sorry but I just feel that President of the United States should be above stumping on the campaign trail for his wife. Pulling some of the shenanigans like campaigning on election days, blocking the entrance to entering the polling places, shooing away Bernie Sanders voters so that Hillary Clinton voters could take a picture with him.....

Here she is trying to tell is that she is qualified to be the most powerful leader of the world yet her husband, who still is obviously the star power here, has to go out to help her win the election.

Between the 2 of them I don't know who is more pitiful.

Both of them having to use their vast resources to fight David. Must be a hard fight if it takes the two of them. It really should have been a cake walk.

Hillary Clinton is not able to do this w/o the help of her husband? What does that really say for feminism? You need hubby to climb to the top?

If Elizabeth Warren would be running that would be a career that I could respect BECAUSE she obviously did not need a superstar husband to get her to the position that she is in now. She got it TOTALLY on her own merit.

20,000 a 30,000 at Bernie Sanders rally.

Hours before Democratic presidential candidate
Bernie Sanders was set to speak in Seattle, WA an

estimated crowd of 20,000-30,000 lined up to

Get into an arena that holds 17,000

Kind of hard to play with votes, stop counts, faulty machines........ When you have real live people showing their support in person

Bernie Sanders is a real leader, even Hillary started agreeing with some of his policies

Mid way thru the Primary season. I wish I would have counted how many times she started (key word "started" agreeing with him once his populist ideas were shown to be resonating with thousands of people.

Blur the differences Hillary! The ideas were not your own but they did sound good, right? Good enough to adopt them as your own too!

Actually it is better for Hillary Clinton if Bernie Sanders stays in The Primaries until the bitter

If by chance Hillary Clinton gets the nomination, she will be under vicious attacks by the Republicans. As long as Bernie Sanders is in The race the republicans cannot just focus on Hillary Clinton. They still have to watch Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton benefits while Bernie Sanders can still draw attention and time away from her to him.

Hillary and Bill Clinton stayed in the race

beyond March . Bill stayed on and did not wrap up the candidacy until California. Hillary Clinton never won the nomination and stayed into June. Bobby Kennedy was running as a candidate and was then assassinated later in the primary season. All Hillary Clinton words about why there are reasons to not dropout early in the primaries as she was being urged to drop out and would not. She felt that every American had the right to have a say in voting for their candidate.
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