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How does humanity move beyond the value of human labor?

Right now, there are many populist appeals against foreign labor, trade, wage and everything else that could be perceived as disenfranchising the worker class. The reality of the situation is that, as our technology improves, there will be a decreasing demand for any type of work. Some hang on to the idea that society creates new jobs as science advances, but technology evolves at a rate that exceeds human evolution. We will eventually come to a point where technology exceeds our ability to create human jobs that are necessary or beneficial.

So when we do reach that stage where our technology progresses beyond the benefits of human labor, what are we to do?

Personally, I think that a living wage and universal welfare is the only way forward. I also think that we should create virtual economies and promote virtual goods as way to satisfy our nature.

What do you think?

Let me get this right...Sanders' supporters don't trust the polls...

but want to use Bernie's lead in the polls against Trump as the reason for super delegates to hand him the nomination even if he loses in pledged delegates and the popular vote. If we're going by the polls, Sanders has no chance of catching up to clinton. If he actually does catch up to Clinton, that means the polls are wrong.

So Sanders wants to get on the convention floor and argue that even though polls have often been wrong this election cycle.... he should win because he's leading in polls for an election that is several months away?

Bernie lost among democrats 54-46% according to exit poll. All primaries should be closed primaries


New York and other states have it right. Bernie would be getting slaughtered even worse than he is now if outsiders had no say in the parties choice. What do you think?

Before tonight: Bernie down 3 million votes. After tonight: Bernie down 3 million votes

Go Bernie!

If Sanders wins Indiana, here's what he needs the rest of the way...

According to 538


The majority of young voters will vote for Clinton in the GE

Given the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the forthcoming presidential election, millennials are clear about who they prefer. Some 61% of young Americans say they will vote for the Democratic frontrunner and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for president in November, while only 25% will vote for Republican frontrunner (and political outsider) Donald Trump, according to a survey released this week of over 3,100 18- to 29-year-olds by the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University; another 14% of likely young voters say they’re unsure how they will vote, the survey concluded.


Perhaps more vexing for candidates at both ends of the political spectrum, millennials reject both socialism (even though they overwhelmingly have more favorable view of Bernie Sanders than any of the current crop of candidates) and, to a lesser extent, capitalism. Socialism is supported by just 33% of young Americans, while capitalism is supported by 42%, the survey found. Among those most likely to vote in the presidential election in November, only 41% support socialism; a majority (52%) say they support capitalism. Capitalism is more likely to be supported by people who have graduated from college (56%), Caucasians (43%), males (49%), people who live in the South (46%) and the West (45%), and members of the Republican Party (54%).

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