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At least 180K join GOP as Pa. primary nears

When Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Donald Trump square off in Pennsylvania's April 26 Republican presidential primary, they will find themselves competing for votes from a rapidly changing base.

At least 128,000 voters statewide have changed their registration since Jan. 1 to join the party. Nearly 85,000 of them had been Democrats; 42,000 were independents or third-party voters. The GOP has also racked up 55,468 more first-time registrants.

The changes reflect what experts are calling an unprecedented number of party switches before a primary election.

That raises questions: Are Democrats and other voters flocking to the GOP in support of one of its three candidates? Or could they be plotting to stuff the ballot boxes for a Republican they think their nominee can beat in November?

Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/news/politics/20160329_At_least_180K_join_GOP_as_Pa__primary_nears.html#KMjtdKWIUw3HF8pD.99

The new Debate meme

The two campaigns have been in negotiations the past few days about where to hold the final two debates. Negotiations must not be going in the direction that Team Sanders wants so he is taking the debate public and unleashing his internet crew on the world.

Here are the facts:

In February the campaigns agreed to add 3 debates to the calendar. One was to be held in Flint, Michigan March 6th and the other two debates would be determined at a later date.

At the time Bernie said he wanted the debates in NYC and LA however these locations were never agreed to.

Right now Hillary's campaign has stated they'd like the next debate to be in PA. At no time have they said there won't be another debate.

Bernie is using misinformation to try to bolster his position the debate should be in NYC and some of his supporters are lying about the agreement.

Below is a New York Times article that details the agreement between campaigns back in February.


The sudden virtues of Caucuses

I'm new to DU but my Facebook discussion group and Bernie friends on Facebook couldn't say how terrible and undemocratic caucuses were in January. They were the "worst" way to allocate delegates.

Suddenly now they are virtuous. For some reason they think they can't be tampered with.

I've always been happy in PA we have primaries. Caucuses disenfranchise working people, the elderly, and people with kids.

My Selfish Reason for hoping the Primary is still "competitive" into PA

I really would like to go to a Hillary rally and if they are still campaigning in PA in April there is a higher chance there will be one in my hometown.
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