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Member since: Thu Mar 17, 2016, 07:22 PM
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Here is what I wrote to a friend who campaigned for Bernie tonight in PA

She was for Hillary in 08 in PA and I was for Obama. I'm for Hillary now.

"You stood up for what you believe in. Fought hard. Be proud. I lost in April 08 as well."

Snark and internet wars aside. Be proud of yourself if you campaigned in any of the states tonight.

Voted for Hillary Today

Beautiful day for an election. Was very happy to finally get to cast my 1st vote for Hillary Clinton and her slate of delegates for the convention in Philly. Hope to cast my second vote in November.

Doesn't feel like the primary is that competitive in PA

I remember in 2008 there were yard signs everywhere and I had been visited by a canvasser by both campaigns and been phone banked at least once by both as well. The only yard signs out in my neighborhood is my Hillary sign.

Obama opened up 3 offices in the Lehigh Valley and Hillary had opened up 2. There were competing rallies with both candidates locally.

This year Bernie has one office and the closest they have come is Reading and Philly burbs.

The only visibility yard signs are for Kasich on the highway and those were put up by my congressman's people.

Just doesn't feel like there is an election on Tuesday that matters.

Operation Chaos on Tuesday

Don't be surprised on Tuesday if Bernie doesn't send out swarms of voters his campaign knows are not registered to vote to argue with poll workers and to create long lines. Every time Bernie loses a primary his campaign needs a fraud narrative to raise money and I expect Tuesday to be no different.

My take on the Papal Meeting

I believe Bernie Sanders was given an "accidental meeting" which essentially is a situation where I can't formally meet with you but we can run into each other in a hallway. They said a few words and there were no photographs. I'm pretty sure this was pre-arranged with rules established otherwise someone on Sanders staff would have nabbed a photograph.

The Pope and Bernie agree on a few things economically so it makes sense the Pope would say hi but wouldn't want to seem like he is injecting himself into an election.

I also think Bernie's team inflated the meeting afterwards and got a literal Papal smack down with the Pope basically saying I didn't plan it he was just there.

I don't believe it was a true accident otherwise there would be pictures and I also don't believe he was granted a private audience.

I also think NY is a foregone conclusion by both campaigns with Hillary in California and Bernie in Italy.
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